Who We Is

Hi Everone…I’m Oscar

And I’m MacIntosh

We are 2 really good Westie dogs that live in New Zealand.  Our dad and mom are from The United States of America.

Oscar:  Our mom is a sighkologist psykologist, you know, like a mind doctor.

MacIntosh: And our dad manages a little golf course and has lots of time on his hands.

Oscar:  OK. I’m supposed to tell you about me.  I’m 3 years old and i’m real cute mom says and my favorite food is everything.

MacIntosh:  And I’m 4 years old and I like to sleep …which is hard cuz Oscar is always bugging me with questions.  Dad says I should write the stuff Oscar asks about and share it with people.

Oscar:  Yeah, just in case you got nothin’ better to do.

So welcome everybody to MacIntosh and Oscar – 2 really good dogs.


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