Oscar:  What’s a debate MacIntosh?

MacIntosh: That’s what you catch de fish with.

Oscar:  Really?

MacIntosh:  No not really.  I was joking.

Oscar:  Oh. I is glad you told me cuz I didn’t know it was a joke.

MacIntosh:  Why not?

Oscar: Cuz it wasn’t funny MacIntosh.

MacIntosh: Touche.

Oscar:  What is it then?

MacIntosh:   That’s when humans argue with each other in front of an audience that is hoping the guy from the other side will projectile vomit on camera.

Oscar:  Yikes.

MacIntosh:  Why do you ask?

Oscar:  Cuz Mom and Dad was watching one on the TV.  There was a lady and a man and sometimes they was screaming at the camera.

MacIntosh:  Yeah.

Oscar:  Then Dad starting screaming at the TV.

MacIntosh:  Oh boy.

Oscar:  Then Mom started screaming at the TV.

MacIntosh: Then what.

Oscar: Then Mom turned it off on-account-of it was negative space and she was ‘fraid Dad was gonna have a heart attack or somethin’.

MacIntosh:  Any projectile vomiting?

Oscar: Nopes.

MacIntosh:  Too bad.  Were Mom and Dad OK?

Oscar: Yep.  Dad meditated, or medicated or somethin’ like that.  Mom lit this sage brush thing and let it cover the TV with smoke.

MacIntosh:  Smudging.  It gets rid of evil spirits.

Oscar:  This stuff got rid of everybodies.  Me and Fergus pretended we had to whiz sos we could go outside.

MacIntosh:  Smart.  Any more debates coming up.

Oscar:  Only ifs Dad goes de-fishing.




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