The Boyz Interview The Pope

Oscar:  We’s got a big surprise for you today.

MacIntosh:  Yep.  We flew to Rome for an interview with Pope Francis.

Oscar:  Hello Poop.  Thanks for seeing us.  Love the red shoes.

Pope:  Why do you call me poop?

Oscar:  Cuz them republicans treated you like shit.

Pope:  No kidding.  Did you boys have a nice flight?

Oscar:  Is you jokin’?  It was awful.

Pope:  Flew coach?

MacIntosh:  Flew crate in cargo.

Pope:  Oh my.

Oscar:  I gotta say Poop, you is a lot thinner than I thought.

Pope:  Really?  Why?

Oscar:  Wells, you live in a place called the Fatican.

Pope:  It’s called the Vatican.

Oscar:  Oops. Sorry.

MacIntosh:  What has been your biggest challenge as Pope?

Oscar:  Was it when you asked peoples to thinks about climate change?

Pope:  No.  That was easy.  The proof that climate change is real is overwhelming.  I want ordinary people, without a money agenda, to consider the scientific evidence.

MacIntosh:  Was your biggest challenge when you called for an economic system that distributed wealth more equally?

Pope:  No.  Jesus fed the multitudes and had a strong distaste for greedy people.  He said, “what you do for the least of men you do for me.”

Oscar:  Was it when you decided to eats with the homeless peoples instead of the congress peoples?

Pope:  Oh heavens no.  Would you want to eat anywhere near Louie Gohmert?

MacIntosh:  Uh…no.  Well then…what has been your biggest challenge?

Pope:  Eating anywhere.

Oscar:  I can helps you there.  I is an expert on that subject. What seems to be the trouble?

Pope:  It’s these damn white robes.  You have no idea what it’s like to eat without getting stuff all over the robes.

MacIntosh:  We may have some idea.

Oscar:  Yeah cuz we is white too.  My advice is to dig in and let the pasta sauce fall where God intended.

Pope:  But what a mess.  People will be upset.

MacIntosh:  They may consider you with dis-stain?

Pope:  Exactly.

Oscar:  I gots a question about abortion.

Pope:  The Bible says thou shall not kill.

Oscar:  But we kills little lambs and chickens and little veals.

Pope:  Well that’s OK Oscar.  We are not supposed to kill people.

MacIntosh:  What does the Bible say about when life begins.

Pope:  Life begins when the egg is fertilized.

MacIntosh.  Women discharge fertilized eggs all the time.

Pope:  That is God’s will.

Oscar:  Hoelee Moelee!  So Gods is doin’ abortion then?

MacIntosh:  Planned Parenthood looks pretty good in comparison.

Pope:  Human life begins when the egg becomes viable…which means it attaches to the womb.

Oscar:  I understands what you mean.  Where in the Bible does it say that zactly?

Pope:  (confers with advisers) We’ll have to get back to you on that.

MacIntosh:  Ok then.  Thank you for the interview.

Pope:  Bless you my sons.

Oscar:  (as they are leaving) That’s was weird.  He said bless you and wes didn’t even sneeze.


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One Response to The Boyz Interview The Pope

  1. Bill says:

    Jes keap ose Oscars & MacIntosh’s a comin’.
    Oracle of the West, Bill

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