MacIntosh Sees The Light

Oscar:  Well, there you is.  I’s been lookin’ all over for ya.

MacIntosh:  Sorry Oscar.  I had to go away.

Oscar:  Where did you go.

MacIntosh:  There was this bright white light.

Oscar:  How bright?

MacIntosh:  Very bright.

Oscar:  Like bright, bright , bright or maybe just bright, bright?

MacIntosh: (sigh) Like bright, bright, bright, bright.

Oscar: Hoelee Moelee.  Sos what did you do?

MacIntosh:  I went towards the light.

Oscar:  Is you crazy?  Weren’t you scared?

MacIntosh:  Nope.  I felt very peaceful inside…like maybe I was part of the light too.

Oscar:  I don’t thinks I could be part of a light.

MacIntosh:  Why not?

Oscar:  Not bright enough.

MacIntosh:  Oh Oscar, you’re much brighter than you think.

Oscar:  I Is?

MacIntosh: Yep

Oscar:  Howse come you never told me that before?

MacIntosh:  Because it was more fun to keep it secret.

Oscar:  So did you become part of the light?

MacIntosh:  Sure did.  It’s like surfing an electric rainbow wave.

Oscar:  That sounds like fun.  Is there pizza there?

MacIntosh:  Nope.  You don’t even think about food.

Oscar:  Watchatalkinabout MacIntosh?

MacIntosh:  Just not an issue.

Oscar:  Whats about ice cream?

MacIntosh:  Nope.

Oscar:  So what do you do all day?

MacIntosh:  Flow

Oscar:  Is there anyone to flow with?

MacIntosh:  Most of the time I hang out with my very best friend.

Oscar:  Whos that?

MacIntosh:  You.

Oscar:  Me?

MacIntosh:  And Dad and Mom

Oscar:  I don’t thinks Dad knows how to surf.  But he’s good at making waves.  He fell in the ocean last week and the Chinese stock market was under water for three days.

MacIntosh:  That’s funny Oscar.

Oscar:  Really?  Maybe I can get on the Jimmy Kennel Show

MacIntosh:  Kimmel…Jimmy Kimmel.

Oscar:  I like Kennel better

MacIntosh:  Kennel it is then.

Oscar:  Sos whats you want to talk about now?

MacIntosh:  Maybe we can talk later.  Right now I feel the flow calling.

Oscar:  Buts what if I can’t find you agains.

MacIntosh:  You need to know where to look.

Oscar:  Buts I looked everywhere MacIntosh.  Inside the house…outside the house…in the garden and all over the golf course.

MacIntosh:  You need to look inside your heart.

Oscar:  That’s where you’ll be?

MacIntosh:  Always.

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4 Responses to MacIntosh Sees The Light

  1. lorna says:

    Now I’m crying again!!! May every god bless Little Mac and Oscar and his Mom and Dad.
    Love you all so much.

  2. Bill "Oracle of the West" Walker says:

    I am so delighted to see Oscar and MacIntosh have been found in the heart of the Great Oracle of the East.
    It’s so truly grand and most fun to listen to those two buds especially when it come from the heart.
    Your bud always,
    Oracle of the West

  3. Dan Bain says:

    Aww! I’m sorry for your loss….

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