TPS: Who Has The Best Blacks?

Oscar:  Welcomes everyone to this edition of  Things People Say (TPS, tm).  Today’s edition was inspired by Ann Coulter, who recently  said “our blacks are better than their blacks.”

MacIntosh:  For those of you new to Things People Say, Oscar and I pick subjects people talk about.

Oscar:  Thens we find quotes on the internet or, sometimes, we just make stuff up.

MacIntosh:  We compare what people have to say about a subject.

Oscar:  Then afterwards, me and MacIntosh pretty much trash the peoples we don’t agree with and declares our friends the winner.

MacIntosh:  So today we challenge Coulter’s statement that their blacks are better than our blacks.

Oscar:  On their side we gots Clarence Thomas, Michael Steele and Herman Cain.

MacIntosh:  AKA a  Judge, a Clown and a Pizza King.

Oscar:  And we have Obama, Jesse Jackson and Martin Luther King.

MacIntosh:  AKA, the Prez, a Frown and the Actual King.

Oscar:  Is you black peoples ready to rumble?

MacIntosh:  Our first subject is “how should we treat people that need help”.  Jesse….

Jesse Jackson:  “Never look down on someone except to help them up.”

Oscar:  Oh I likes that.

MacIntosh:  How about you Herman?

Herman Cain:  “Hey baby…you want a job, right?”

Oscar:  Yikes

MacIntosh:  And from the grave we have Martin Luther King.

MLK: “ I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be. This is the interrelated structure of reality.”

Oscar:  Yum.

MacIntosh:  Clarence?  You awake Clarence?

Clarence Thomas:  Inaudible

Oscar:  Now our next subject is “how do you feel about hope?”  First President Obama…

Obama: “While we breathe, we will hope.”

Oscar:  Now you Jesse…

Jesse Jackson:  “Keep hope alive! “

MacIntosh:  Herman…you seem eager to answer.

Herman Cain: “While we breathe, I will keep grope alive.”

MacIntosh:  The question was about hope… h-o-p-e.

Herman Cain:  Sorry.

MacIntosh:  Our last question is called “achieving our dreams”.  Clarence…are you with us on this?

Clarence Thomas:  “MLK wanted to climb the mountain top.  I just wanted to climb Anita Hill.”

Oscar:  It’s good to dream big fella.

MacIntosh:  Obama?…..

Obama:  “… our destiny will not be written for us, but by us; by all those men and women who are not content to settle for the world as it is; who have courage to remake the world as it should be.”

Oscar:  Kind of Obama’s version of it takes a village. Herman….what would you say to someone about achieving their dreams?

Herman Cain:  “If you want to go up, you gotta go down.”

Oscar:  You gots any other tracks in your mind?

MacIntosh:  And finally, because we haven’t heard from Michael Steele yet….

Michael Steele:  “Was I partying? Absolutely! Absolutely! I was like ‘Look at her. Hey, what’s up!’ I was doing the whole thing.”

Oscar: ??????

MacIntosh: ?????

MacIntosh:  Well…that does it for today’s Things People Say.  What did you think Oscar?

Oscar:  I thought our blacks were wayyyyyyy better than their blacks.

MacIntosh:  Why?

Oscar:  Well…our blacks love their fellow man and wants every peoples to be happy and to reach their dreams.

MacIntosh:  What about their blacks?

Oscar:  Their blacks are mean and vicious puss misers.

MacIntosh:  Ok…..Good luck and Goodnight.

Off camera

Oscar:  Did you hears what Herman Cain told me?

MacIntosh:  What?

Oscar:  He said he was our other brother from another mother.

MacIntosh:  Did he have his glasses on?

Oscar:  No…whys?

MacIntosh:  He probably thought we were the Koch brothers.

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6 Responses to TPS: Who Has The Best Blacks?

  1. All this reminds me of a Rabbi at Iwo Jima… A shame the flag pin patriots of the beltway never read this sermon

    Best wishes to all those down under on Remembrance Day

  2. Judith Saunders says:

    quite the blog from two West Highland WHITE terriers. it is a comment on how crazy it has all gotten in the land of american politics. the question for me is not where will it all end…but when will it end and return to the real issues facing not only american, but humanity.
    the boyz mother

  3. Its Veterans Day this Friday… I can’t help but reflect in the Navy there is only one color…
    “Navy Blue”

    Sick of this god damn race crap from both right and left.. But what the hell last months post by these two lap rats referred to Cain as the kind of black rednecks would vote for…WTF calling him an “Uncle Tom”….This blog’s lap rats are pretty silent when it comes to race hatred as long as it comes from the likes Moveon….

    Veterans Day coming up Friday and Democrats in Congress walked away from the budget talks… Our troops don’t have that luxury to just “Walk Away”…. WTF…

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