Goodbye Sarah

Oscar:  Sarah Palin is in the news again….she’s not gonna run.

MacIntosh:  She’s not the only one.

Oscar:  Not the only what?

MacIntosh:  She’s not the only person that had no chance of winning that chose not to run.

Oscar:  She’s not?

MacIntosh:  Nope.  Gladys Picket announced she’s not going to run either.

Oscar:  Who’s Gladys Picket.

MacIntosh:  Gladys?  She was the mayor of DrowsyvilleAK, a town three times the size of Wasilla.  She also served half a term as Treasurer for the Old Girls Marching Troupe, then quit to write her personal memoirs God Help Me, subtitled Be Rich Like Sarah Palin.

Oscar:  That’s a big loss for all of us.

MacIntosh:  Oh yeah.  Ann Coulter announced she’s not going to run either.

Oscar:  Howse come?

MacIntosh:  Like Sarah, she says she doesn’t need the title of President of the United States to feel good about herself.  Plus, also like Sarah, it was going to be waayyyyyy too much work.

Oscar: Too bad…I likes lookin’ at her Adam’s Apple.

MacIntosh:  Here’s a whole group of over 800 women like Sarah that are also choosing not to run.

Oscar:  Who is them?

MacIntosh:  Women That Have Slept With Glenn Rice.

Oscar:  None of them are gonna run?

MacIntosh:  Nope….and neither is any member of another group Sarah belongs to.

Oscar:  Who is them?

MacIntosh:  People That Have Snorted Cocaine Off The Top of an Oil Barrel.

Oscar:  Only their noses is runnin’ uh MacIntosh?

MacIntosh:  That’s right.

Oscar:  So what’s Sarah gonna do now?

MacIntosh:  She’s writing a new book.

Oscar:  What’s it called?

MacIntosh:  Lessons in Victimhood for People That Serve as Attack Dogs.

Oscar:  She certainly knows the subject.  I’m gonna miss her.

MacIntosh:  Yep.  To paraphrase Richard Nixon,  we’re not going to have Sarah Palin to kick around any more.

Oscar:  Wells…we still gots Michelle Backmann.

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2 Responses to Goodbye Sarah

  1. the Bald Eagle says:

    What a turd, she is defacing the flag….,

  2. I don’t like her, don’t trust her, won’t vote for her, nor buy her book… The recent trash book written about Sarah isn’t worth buying anyway.. They are going to get sued over it… Sarah at simple face value is enough to Run Away from….
    Michelle Backmann another one… She is like a Minnie Me version of Sarah…

    Any of you folks old enough to Remember the American Sportsman with Curt Gowdy (bless his memory)… Sarah Palin ain’t no Kurt Gowdy either when it comes to hunting and fishing…
    Yah let me expand a bit here for you young folks.. The American Sportsman was a ABC TV show back int eh 1960’s it usually followed foot ball or other professional league on the weekends. Kurt would take some celebrating fishing, or hunting traveling around the US. Wonderful, you got to see folks be themselves, talk about conservation, history of the area, safety, equipment, wildlife management all sorts of stuff.

    what does Sorry Sara engage in stupid unsafe firearms instruction, and all sorts of nonsense including violating simple safety precautions, and endangering her party and wildlife… Her actions in the wild spoke volumes about her conduct as a person..

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