Oscar Calls From The Protest Lines


MacIntosh:  Hello, MacIntosh here.

Oscar:  Hi MacIntosh, this is Oscar.  I’m here in New York City already.

MacIntosh:  Good flight?

Oscar:  Yep.  The ladies in the uniforms told me I was real cute.

MacIntosh:  Oh yeah?

Oscar:  Yep.  And they asked me if I wanted fish, beef or chicken.

MacIntosh:  What did you tell them?

Oscar:  I said yes.  Then they asked me if I wanted whine.

MacIntosh:  Yeah….

Oscar:  But I told them I wouldn’t whine but I could growl if they wanted.

MacIntosh:  Have you been down to Wall Street yet?

Oscar:  Yep.  That’s where I is.

MacIntosh:  What’s happening?

Oscar:  So far we have had pizza twice, I sprinkled some joy-joy on a fire hydrant and…oh yeah,  some peoples in uniform pepper sprayed us and beat the hell out of some TV reporters.

MacIntosh:  Yikes.  Many people there?

Oscar:  Over 10,000 peoples…the protesters are getting support from the onions.

MacIntosh:  Unions?

Oscar:  Yeah, them things.

MacIntosh:  That’s good.

Oscar:  Not really….there’s only so much pizza you know.

MacIntosh:  I didn’t think of that.

Oscar:  Yep.  And some teabagger peoples came to talk to us.

MacIntosh:  What did they have to say?

Oscar:  Them said we was being bad cuz we was protesting against multi-national corporations and we should just protest against duly elected government like theys do.

MacIntosh: Oh boy.

Oscar:  And there was some peoples in nice suits and silk dresses up on a balcony drinking wine and laughin’ at us.  One lady shouted down “let them eat cake.”

MacIntosh:  What did you do?

Oscar:  I told them maybe after the pizza.

MacIntosh:  That’s telling her Oscar.

Oscar:  And some guy in a suit walked by and told us we should get jobs.

MacIntosh:  What did the protesters say?

Oscar:  They said “Eggzactly….thats whys we is here”

MacIntosh:  I guess he missed that point.

Oscar:  I gotta go MacIntosh.

MacIntosh:  Are the police coming?

Oscar:  No. I gotta GO.  That pizza and chicken and fish and beefs gotta GO.

MacIntosh:  Well, I’m proud of you Oscar.

Oscar:  There’s a Bank of America branch right here.  I thinks I’ll go make a deposit.

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One Response to Oscar Calls From The Protest Lines

  1. Zig Zoe says:

    That is pretty much what I think about BofA… I recommend to anyone who listens that they should put their money into their local Credit Union and the hell with these large MNC bank corporations.

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