Standing With The People

Oscar:  I is packing my suitcase.

MacIntosh:  Why?

Oscar:  I is goin’ to New York City to sprinkle a little joy-joy on a Wall Street fire hydrant.

MacIntosh:  I didn’t know you were so passionate.

Oscar:  Are you kiddin?

MacIntosh:  What’s your biggest reason for joining?

Oscar:  Pizza.

MacIntosh:  Pizza?

Oscar:  Yep.  Peoples from all over the country is sending pizza to the protesters.

MacIntosh:  So that’s the kind of activism you can get your teeth into?

Oscar:  Yep….pepperoni, sausage, cheese……

MacIntosh: What about speaking out against the excesses of the moneyed elite?

Oscar:  See? There’s another reason to go.

MacIntosh:  What about protesting against people like the Koch brothers?  They just got nabbed for selling chemicals illegally to Iran.  And some of that money was used to fund the teabaggers.

Oscar:  I’m gonna find them brothers and sprinkle a little joy-joy on them too.

MacIntosh:  What about our biggest banks that just got nabbed for defrauding our soldiers out of half a billion dollars?

Oscar:  I gots a real special deposit to make in one of them banks.

MacIntosh:  How do you feel about how the bankers had working people bail them out and then rewarded themselves with lavish bonuses?

Oscar:  That sucks MacIntosh.  How did them Wall Street people get away with that?

MacIntosh:  Madison Avenue.

Oscar:  Sos them Wall Streeters hid away on Madison Avenue?

MacIntosh:  They had Madison Avenue sell their program.  Those folks have skills.

Oscar:  Like what?

MacIntosh:  They convinced many Americans that increasing taxes on the wealthy now would be a redistribution of wealth but lowering their taxes in 2001 by the same amount was not a redistribution of wealth.

Oscar:  That’s tricky.

MacIntosh:  They have convinced many Americans that deficit spending is OK to wage an illegal war but not OK to feed the hungry or to create jobs for millions of people unemployed because of a market crash caused by their avarice and greed.

Oscar:  Yikes.

MacIntosh:  They have convinced Americans that after 30 years of having it all their way that any attempt to make things more fair is Class Warfare.

Oscar:  Hoelee Moelee them Madison guys is good.

MacIntosh:  So what’s your main reason for joining the protests now?

Oscar:  Well…. If there is Class Warfare I want to stand with the people of my class.

MacIntosh:  Which class is that?

Oscar:  Peoples that loves pizza.

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12 Responses to Standing With The People

  1. Hoss. says:

    Like I’ve been saying… These Pinko’s want to overthrow the government….

    Fat chance…

  2. Zig Zoe says:

    I see that Captain Chaos of the USA is back spewing his nonsense on the comment board once again. I support your freedom to express your idiotic views, Hoss. Keep underestimating the masses and kissing the arse of your elite masters. 🙂

    • dwelchnz says:

      Dear readers,
      If you have any doubts left that conservatives will follow any voice that placates their cult inner-voice, go read the article posed by Hoss above. When you get your guidance from people like the guy that wrote this article, and it makes sense to you, nothing short of kidnap and de-programming offers a glimmer of hope for you.

  3. Hoss says:

    How Ironic the Unions and Soros are involved with this diatribe thick as thieves… Do they really think they can topple the Republic? Americans are going to roll over for this lot….. We fought WWII and stood toe to toe with despotic communists during the Cold War, taken the fight to Islamic terrorists. You think we are going to bow down to these “Starbuckean’s” of this what is it “Flea Party”, of hippies, doper, communists, socialists, greens and union mafia thugs???

    22 million veterans, and 2 million armed forces who took an oath to defend the Constitution… Bring It On…

    • dwelchnz says:

      The protesters are well within the rights guaranteed by the constitution. If it turns violent it will be because the establishment has squashed the constitution, not upheld it. If those 22 million veterans and 2 million current service members have the integrity it takes to live up to their oath, they will be joining the protesters, not fighting them. Already, the protesters protect the interests of the vets and servicemen as well. They protest the same banks that ripped off vets for a 1/2 billion in illegal mortgage fees, foreclose on their homes while they serve, and kick them to the curb when they come home. They protect against elitists that have already targeted military pensions and entitlements. This is, as the GOP likes to say, a class war. If true, the military and everyone else will be forced to choose which class they stand with. As virtually all of our volunteer military comes from the lower and middle classes I would predict the vets will come to our side. They will stand by us. If anything, we will have a confrontation between current service members, who suffer great personal consequences if they defy the chain of command, and those 22 million vets that are free men, pledged to uphold the constitution, and of a class that has been attacked by big government in collusion with big money.

      • Hoss says:

        Class warfare Marxist crap, spell all you want. It is everyone’s Constitutional Right to peaceably assemble, stand in the Public square and make a jackass of yourselves… TEA Party, Flea Party whatever… The oath is the Constitution not any one faction of any rabble or President or Congress. Best your lot remember that…. You want to change things get off your asses and vote, run for public office, seek an appointment.

        You want to try to topple the Republic, Bring it on…..

        • dwelchnz says:

          So let’s see…your position is that to protest the corruption of our government by the moneyed elite, to denounce the failure of our government to prosecute the crimes of the leaders of our financial institutions,…this protest is then best described as being “Marxist crap”? Further, if we want to change this deplorable situation, our only option is to “get off our asses and vote.” And then you suggest that the Republic is yet to be toppled?

          If our Republic, and the democracy it is based on, is to topple, it will be caused by people, perhaps like yourself, that are blinded by partisanship, that fail to see and understand the incremental changes such as Citizen’s United, that have made a thousand wounding cuts to our system of government.

        • dwelchnz says:

          You seem to like that expression “Bring it on.” George Bush liked it too. Thousands of Americans have died since he uttered those words. Nice phrase though…it has a Hollywood cowboy ring to it, the kind of thing Chickenhawk George might have heard at the cinema, a place he had time to go because he avoided war for himself using his father’s connections. Strange that you would mimic that POS.

          • Hoss says:

            Don’t be a dip stick… You know exactly what my position as is other “loyal” Americans who fought for this country…. Enjoy your Constitutional rights, exercise them, all of them.. If those nut jobs think they are going to cause some revolution and bring down he Republic you got another thing coming my friend….

            He Remember the movie “Forrest Gump”…. The guy he punched at the Black Panthers hideout…
            Well He’s back…. Who would have thunk…

            Blinded by partisanship, thats a laugh coming from you who has degraded your fellow citizens who hold a differing views (i.e. normative) of America. Again get off your asses and vote, if you don’t like old time partisanship, vote Ron Paul in office. Given that thug currently in the White House received backing / funding from JP Morgan and the rest of the evil bankers, go down to 1600 Penn Ave, and protest in front of that public housing unit..

            George Bush, thats a laugh, Democrats stink don’t get it, Bush ain’t in office, your guy is in office, he owns the economy, his words not mine, and your party had complete majority for two years…. A back lash has started, 2010 elections is proof of that, this manifestation is merely a dying grasp of those who know they will be out of power in 2012.

            Rabble bigots

            I laughed my ass off with your statement these clowns are there fighting for veterans benefits.. Yah, no thanks we have seen this type before Hanoi Jane.. He are very capable of standing up for ourselves… Here is what you don’t fucking get about veterans we don’t give a crap about benefits, nope not when it comes to the Constitution.

            Its all……………………………….
            Lipstick on a PIG, BABY! Lipstick on a PIG!…. Those anti-Wall Street protesters are nothing more than Socialists, Greens, Communists, Hippies, Dope Smokers, Union thugs, and just the average run of the mill Loon….

            Tea Party isn’t about methods its about ideas, individual liberty vs. Big government. About our Constitutional Republic… Dress up this freak show anyway you like its still “Lipstick on a pig”..

            Your “American Fall”, remember this… 22 million veterans and 2 million armed forces took an oath to defend the Constitution.
            Bring it On…

            In the end of the have fun going out and bang your drums, smoke your dope, screw on the sidewalk, shit in the street, dress in communist uniforms, burn the flag, whatever.. You want to effect change do it at the ballet box, recall your elected officials, the petition government, organize, peaceful assembly, respect the rights of others. In the end of the day the system is perfect, America has freed and fed more people in the history of the world.. Peoples are fighting to get into America not out…

  4. Zig Zoe says:

    It is definitely economic class warfare….you are correct that the issue was framed in such a way which makes the non-thinking masses think it is concept that should be avoided.

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