Live FromTripoli

Oscar:  That Ghadaffi guy just phoned to say he was still in control of Labia.

MacIntosh: Libya.

Oscar:  Yeah…that thing.  I thinks he’s hangin’ out with a buddy.

MacIntosh:  Why’s that?

Oscar:  Cuz if you listen real careful you can hear someone in the background sayin’ “table for 2 for Baghdad Bob”.

MacIntosh:  Sounded kind of muddled?

Oscar:  Yeah…likes he was talkin’ through a burqa or somethin’

Ghadaffi gives NATO the finger

MacIntosh:  As a matter of fact….they just published a picture of Ghadaffi someone took with a cell phone.  Here it is:

Oscar:  Him musta been takin’ a breather.

MacIntosh:  Yep.

Oscar:  Howse come he’s holding out one finger.

MacIntosh:  It may symbolize the number of sons they haven’t nabbed yet.

Oscar:  Or it could be he is holding up the wrong finger.

MacIntosh:  True.

Oscar:  Whats gonna happen if the peoples catch him.

MacIntosh:  Street light.

Oscar:  Huh?

MacIntosh:  They’ll turn him into a human street light.

Oscar:  That’s nice..

MacIntosh:  Really?

Oscar:  Yep….cuz even though he lost, the people still wants to immolate him.


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2 Responses to Live FromTripoli

  1. You know your having a bad day when your enemy is in your bedroom wearing your hat….

  2. Turn him into a ‘Human Street Light” is he a Christian? Nero must be in charge…

    Lets see after what fifty some odd years we finally get the SOB to come in from the cold, given up his nuclear and WMD programs, stop terrorism from his country, open trade with NATO western Europe, and US re-establish diplomatic relations only to bomb the crap out of the SOB to replace him with a rebel faction allied with AL Qaeda………. OK ?

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