People That Create Jobs

Oscar:  Me and MacIntosh got invited to a conference thingy for People That Create Jobs.

MacIntosh:  Lots of beautiful people dressed in designer clothes and the kind of jewellery only Newt Gingrich can afford….yachts and Ferraris as far as you could see.

Oscar:  They was really yucking it up.

MacIntosh:  Like when they asked that guy if he was going to the men’s room?

Oscar:  Yep and he said yeah it was time for some trickle down.

MacIntosh:  Big laughs there.  So we recorded some of the stuff on our Smart Phone so everybody could enjoy it.

Oscar:  Let’s play it now.

TrustFundBaby:  So I asked my banker in the Cayman Islands if I deposited another 10 million would he hire a new clerk.

CEO:  What did he say?

TrustFundBaby:  He asked why.  I told him because I was supposed to use my tax savings to create jobs.

(Everyone laughing)

HedgeFundManager:  That’s hilarious.  Can you believe those schmucks?

CEO:  Yeah.  Someone asked at our last board meeting if we were going to use our tax subsidies to hire more people.

HedgeFundManager:  Really?  Did you throw him out?

CEO:  No.  It was just one of our people from the Dublin office all fucked up trying to make everybody laugh.

HedgeFundManager:  Do you think they will ever figure out companies only hire people when the economy is expanding?

ParisHilton:  Could you pass the cocaine please?

CEO: Sure hon….here you go.  You would think they would notice we fire people when the economy is bad.

TrustFundBaby:  It’s like those teabaggers are sitting in their trailer parks going “please Mr. Rich Person, here is some more money.  Please create some jobs.”

(Everyone  laughing)

ParisHilton:  I would hire someone if they could make it stop hurting when I get a Brazilian.

TrustFundBaby:  Speaking ofBrazil….I hear a lot of money is being invested down there.

ParisHilton:  Down there is where it hurts.

CEO:  Yep.  It’s booming in Brazil.

HedgeFundManager:  I’m old enough to remember when we paid high taxes but they gave us tax relief if we actually did something that was for the good of the country.

TrustFundBaby:  Which country?

CEO:  The U.S. of A. before we hired Reagan to convince the silent majority that fairy tales could come true.

(Everyone laughing)

HedgeFundManager:  Speaking of countries, where you guys living now.

TrustFundBaby: Sweden in the summer…New Zealand in the winter.

CEO:  Those are socialist countries.  Why are you living there?

TrustFundBaby:  Quality of life.  The people are happy and healthy and there no beggars in the streets.

ParisHilton:  I heard that cutey pie Paul Ryan is here.

CEO:  Yeah, he’s back in the kitchen with the other hired help.

(Everyone laughing)

HedgeFundManager:  Well, here’s to class warfare.

ParisHilton:  I’ll snort to that.

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4 Responses to People That Create Jobs


    Facts are the facts…. In comparing Reagan and Obama after three years…..

  2. Yes the evil big corporations, and who owns them? Blue collar, middle class pension funds…

    BTW Pretty lame timing with this post… LMAO…. God to funny…

    If one hasn’t figured it out I will explain it.. Our debt now exceeds 100% of our GDP

    National debt levels are not sustainable.

    Here look at it.. Here is what pathetic liberals and conservatives don’t get while they are engaged in the useless political mental masturbation…..

    Either the government or the markets will deal with the national debt… We just witnessed government’s “FAILURE” to address this so now the markets are…..

    But at least there is one shining lining of these black clouds the Chinese communists are going to take a major hit as well with their heavy holdings of US bonds, and currency manipulation..

    Yah how about those socialist countries, Greece, Italy, France, Spain, etc… They should change the name of the “EURO” currency to “SNAFU”.

    By the way we live in a Republic not a Democracy… There’s a difference….

    “A people that have forgotten their heritage, are a people who have lost faith in themselves.” Winston S. Churchill ..

  3. susan says:

    scary — it is so… so.. credible!

  4. Bill Walker says:

    Great Oracle of the West: I’ve signed up for your Macintosh & Oscar and find it very realistically funny. Keep those laughs coming! Oracle of the West.

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