Republican Insurance

Oscar:  I gots a great idea to makes some monies.

MacIntosh:  Whats that?

Oscar:  Insurance.

MacIntosh:  Been done.

Oscar:  Yeah buts I thinks we should do it the way Republicans people do it.  Just like Medicare and Social Security.

MacIntosh:  How would it work?

Oscar:  Well…first of alls we could offer Republican Retirement Insurance.  We could tell peoples  that if they send us monies we will pay them monies when they is 65 years old.

MacIntosh:  Yeah?

Oscar:  Then, when theys is 55 we will tell them, ha ha, we aints gonna pay you till you is 68

MacIntosh:  Yeah?

Oscar:  Then when theys is 60 we will tell them, ha ha, we aints gonna pay you till you is 71.

MacIntosh:  Great idea.

Oscar:  And we will sells Republican Medical Insurance too.  We will tells people we wills pay for all this medical stuff when theys turn 65.

MacIntosh:  Then what?

Oscar:  Then we tells them, ha ha, we aints gonna pay for some of that stuff and we aints gonna pay you till you is 68.

MacIntosh:  But wouldn’t some of the people die while they were waiting to get paid?

Oscar:  Yep but we don’t needs to feel bad about that cuz this is Republican Insurance.

MacIntosh:  Won’t the people get upset?

Oscar:  No problem…we’ll tell everyone we needs to balance our budget.  Fox TV can help us get our message across.

MacIntosh:  What if they take us to court?

Oscar:  We’ll use some of our monies to hire a lobbyist and bribe the judge.  We will says whats Senator Leiberman says…that we needs the monies for our defense.  It’s the Republican Way.

MacIntosh:  It’s a good idea Oscar but we can’t do it.

Oscar:  Howse come?

MacIntosh:  We’re not Republicans.  We still believe you should honour your contracts.

Oscar:  That’s true.

MacIntosh:  We still believe taking care of our elderly is more important than making sure Paris Hilton has all the designer clothes she wants…or defending Israel or Saudi Arabia or protecting the profits of Big Oil.

Oscar:  I guess it’s not a good idea huh MacIntosh.

MacIntosh:  Nope.

Oscar:  Howse about Republican Pool Insurance?

MacIntosh:  How would that work.

Oscar:  People will send us monies and we will pays them if someone steals their swimming pool.

MacIntosh:  Now you’re talkin’.

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2 Responses to Republican Insurance

  1. I love MacIntosh and Oscar,…they are my sanity break. ♥

    • dwelchnz says:

      Oscar: We luvs you 2 Marissa. MacIntosh: Cuz you love us. Oscar: Plus you is probably a cutey pie MacIntosh: Repost us to your friends? Oscar: That’s rude MacIntosh. MacIntosh: Why do you say that? Oscar: She took the time to write a nice thing to us and now you is tryin’ to use her to get more widely read. MacIntosh: You’re right. Oscar: Say you’re sorry. MacIntosh: I’m sorry Marissa

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