The Department of Offense

Oscar:  Whats the difference between defense and offense?

MacIntosh:  Defense is when someone attacks you and offense is when you attack someone.

Oscar:  If someone attacked America what would we do?

MacIntosh:  Nuke them.

Oscar:  So if they sent a bunch of ships filled with soldier peoples we would…

MacIntosh:  Nuke ‘em.

Oscar:  And if they sent an army to our borders we would…

MacIntosh:  Nuke ‘em.

Oscar:  So Department of Defense is where we pays for our nukes?

MacIntosh:  Yep…plus our Army, the Navy etc.

Oscar:  Do we need the Army to nuke ‘em?

MacIntosh:  Nope.

Oscar:  Do we need the Navy to nuke ‘em?

MacIntosh:  Nope.

Oscar:  So whys do we need them?

MacIntosh:  Only a portion of the Defense budget is spent for defense.

Oscar:  What about the other part?

MacIntosh:  Offense….projecting power.

Oscar:  Why don’t they call it the Department of Offense?

MacIntosh:  No one would pay for it.

Oscar:  Who benefits from the Department of Offense.

MacIntosh:  Corporations….they need to project power to protect their interests in other countries.

Oscar:  Whys don’t they pay for it.

MacIntosh:  They don’t pay…we pay them.

Oscar:  We spend taxes to protect them but we pay them to do that?

MacIntosh:  Yep.

Oscar:  Is that cuz they is American companies?

MacIntosh:  They are global companies…America is just a market to them.

Oscar:  Do the other countries they do business in pay them too.

MacIntosh:  No…those countries make them pay taxes.

Oscar:  But….but….

MacIntosh:  I know…it doesn’t make any sense.  Now Senators like Leiberman are saying we need to raise the Medicare and Social Security age so we can spend more on defense.

Oscar:  Whys?

MacIntosh:  To protect American lives.

Oscar:  But if they raise the age wheres people can get Medicare won’t people delay getting medical help?

MacIntosh:  Yep.

Oscar:  And won’t people die cuz of that?

MacIntosh:  Yep.

Oscar:  So we need to kill some people for sure just in case some global company that does not pay taxes at all might need a little protection?

MacIntosh:  Yep.

Oscar:  And people buy that?

MacIntosh:  If you can sell trickle down you can sell anything.

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3 Responses to The Department of Offense

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