Rising in Defence of Weiner

Oscar:  Howse come every one is mad at Anthony Weiner

MacIntosh:  He twittered his penis.

Oscar:  Yikes…that must have been painful.

MacIntosh:  It means he sent pictures of his penis on the internet.

Oscar: Is that because he’s Jewish?

MacIntosh:   What?

Oscar:  Thems believe in circumvision don’t they?

MacIntosh:  Oh my.

Oscar:  So what happens now?

MacIntosh:  The Democratic leaders are lining up to throw him under the bus.

Oscar:  And he hasn’t even healed from his circumvision.

MacIntosh:  And the Republicans want him to resign.

Oscar:  Are them morally outraged?

MacIntosh:  Not really….Republicans do this stuff all the time but they don’t think Weiner did it the right way.

Oscar:  Howse do them do it?

MacIntosh:  Well…first of all you need to become a spokesman against the behaviour you are currently doing.  If you are having an affair, like John Ensign (R-Nev), you will want to sponsor the Federal Marriage Amendment to protect the family.  If you are gay, like Larry Craig, (R – Idaho), you will need to sponsor legislation that attacks gays.

Oscar:  Isn’t that hypocrisy?

MacIntosh:  That’s the point….its kind of like apologizing in advance.  The whole bit was created by Newt Gingrich (R- Narcissism) and later, perfected by Mark Sanford (R- S. Carolina-Argentina-Appalachian Trail)

Oscar:  And Weiner didn’t do that?

MacIntosh:  Nope.  He was too busy doing other stuff.

Oscar:  Likes what?

MacIntosh:  He helped create the Middle Class Caucus in Congress to identify and support the needs ofAmerica’s middle class.

Oscar:  That’s nice.

MacIntosh:  While he initially supported the Iraq war he quickly campaigned against it when he realized it was based on lies.

Oscar:  That’s smart.

MacIntosh:  He sponsored a law which halted tobacco smuggling on the internet.  He lambasted Republicans for opposing funds to help the first responders on 9/11.

Oscar:  Cool.

MacIntosh:  And he has been a strong advocate for Affordable Health.  He has built a reputation as the hardest working member of Congress.  He has been outspoken, saying

“Make no mistake about it, every single Republican I have ever met in my entire life is a wholly owned subsidiary of the insurance industry.”

Oscar:  So them is mad at him cuz he is right on the issues, has been an effective spokesman and likes to take pictures of his weiner in his spare time?

MacIntosh:  It’s the weiner thing.

Oscar:  A guy has to have a hobby, huh MacIntosh.

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5 Responses to Rising in Defence of Weiner

  1. bald Eagle says:

    Further update on Weinergate… Nancy Pelosi has received a “STAFF” report, and had announced formal hearings to begin into “Weiner. Barny “Frank” has been named chairman, given Rep ‘Frank’s vast experience in this field per Pelosi…. Rep ‘Frank’ later was asked for comments on Weinergate, responded ‘My intentions are “Push forward” quickly to get the “bottom” of this.. basically “long and the short” of it Weiner can expect a “rough sex probe’ by this committee… Frank further elaborated, that he believes Weiner did not act alone. We believe two certified “Nuts had also participated, and another asshole nearby just out of camera angle….

  2. bald Eagle says:

    Latest update…

    Weiner has a bun in the oven…

    Huma is expecting…

  3. dwelchnz says:

    If you have a name like Weiner or Frank you can be Democrat. ..but you have to be a dick to be a Republican.

  4. bald Eagle says:

    MSNBC just last evening Matthews said Weiner’s wife was at fault… Not surprising really, this is from Democrat playbook, “Blame Bush”…….

    The boys are concerned about Jews “shmok” because he’s a Democrat? But why no barking on “Foreskin Man”? Hmmm Just silent on antisemitic crap from San Francisco against Jews in general.
    But then again most likely Dad took the boys out to be had “Neutered” as young pups to Vet. So no balls to take on “harder” issues.. Besides this article is A typical of course the boys are going to defend Weiner, I never saw a dog ever turn down tube meat…

    Speaking of Tube meat…. I have a question??
    What is it with Democrats electing representatives with last name associated with tube meat????
    Weiner’s and Frank’s????? Ones girls the other for boys???
    Must be some sort of liberal code…. I dunno
    A North-East corridor thing….

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