Mission Accomplished

Oscar:  Looks like they killed that Osama guy.

MacIntosh:  Yep…have you heard how people are responding?

Oscar:  Nopes.  What did Trump say?

MacIntosh:  “I am very proud of myself.  Without me we would have never gotten that mother fucker.”

Oscar:   Yikes.  Quarter in the jar… how abouts Sarah?

MacIntosh:  “Its about time Obama manned up and found the genitals to do what I would have done two years ago from the presidential helicopter.”

Oscar:  That’s scary.  How about Michelle Bachmann.

MacIntosh:  She said “I send my congratulations with an asterisk but I still say 30,000 Libyan citizens are dead on-account-of-because Obama is an affirmative action President.”

Oscar:  I loves the way she stands up for the untruth.  Howse about Romney?

MacIntosh:  Romney was still recovering from his gaffe at the Koch dinner party….he was seen mumbling “when I said we should hang Obama I didn’t mean it ….I meant to say he was well-hung…no wait minute I didn’t say that either and I also didn’t mean I really supported public health care and I did I mention I’m just a Jack-Mormon?

Oscar:  Wow that dude is conflicted.  Howse about Mitch Daniels?

MacIntosh:  He said, “I’m not saying a damn thing because I am destined to be a dark horse and dark horses are considered dark for a reason.”

Oscar:  Whats about Karl Rove?

MacIntosh:  He said, “The idiots killed Osama?  That’s like killing the rabbit at a Greyhound Track…it’s gonna screw up all the races.”

Oscar:  And finally, howse about George Bush?

MacIntosh:  He said……”Mission Accomplished.”

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19 Responses to Mission Accomplished

  1. Captain USA says:

    You know your comments had me pondering deeper today.. Reflecting further the events of yesterday, and what actually lead to this event…

    You care to know?

  2. Zig Zoe says:

    Historically, it is not even close to the death of Hitler. Hitler was responsible for millions of deaths and WWII.

    Maybe an argument can be made for Mussolini….but I think it will fall short as well.

    I think Osama Bin Laden needs to be put into context. He was a leader of a loosely connected band of terrorists. We should have treated the whole terrorist situation like an international police action instead of some type of conventional war. Bin Laden was a gang leader and nothing more. Last night, we thumped a little annoying mosquito…but it made one helluva a headline.

    Now lets bring all our troops home from that quagmire. It is ridiculous to wait on people to want to fight for themselves. We give them the infrastructure, the weapons, the training….we cannot give them the “will” to fight for a cause. The same shit happened in Vietnam….

    • dwelchnz says:

      In the end it was good police work and a SWAT like police action that got him. Had Bush not elevated Al Queda to a nation status by declaring ‘war’…and promoted OBL to statesmen status in he process, we may have got him 9 years ago and this would be the end of it. As it is, he will be revered by his followers and others will follow in his footsteps.

      • Captain USA says:

        We should have TAC- NUKED the fucking bastards after New York and Washington…

        • Zig Zoe says:

          We should have sent tactical teams, drones and aerial support in specific spots in Afghanistan to repeatedly hit Taliban/Al Queda as they were spotted. No Iraq War at all…and no mass scale invasion with conventional troops.

      • Captain USA says:

        It wasn’t a SWAT type mission LOL

    • Captain USA says:

      WRONG That stupid police mindset was responsible to 911… We had been at war since 1982 with terrorism. Afghanistan had to be taken because of the Taliban providing base of support operations. Your nuts if you think a international warrant served by interpol would have worked. Now Iraq total screw-up should never had happened. Iran has been the main state sponsor of terror in the region and we ignore them going back to Carter.

      This is NOT Vietnam…

      • Zig Zoe says:


        We did not have any well-formed and cooperative international police action against terrorism. Every nation had their agency working on an island without any common cause. You’re nuts if you think that a conventional war with a concept like terrorism will produce anything tangible. Oh yeah, look at the past decade…it is worse than before because of numb-nuts who would rather try to conquer for their oil buddies than actually do something terrorism in this world. Now we have injured, maimed and dead troops that are the result…not to mention dead Middle Eastern people. It was fucking stupid to go to Iraq …and also Afghanistan with a conventional military.

        This is just like Vietnam because the Vietnamese did not want to fight for their own nation no matter how well we equipped, trained or backed them up. They did not want it…. now look at Iraq and Afghanistan (especially), they do not want to fight for their own nation. Same shit in Libya as well.

        We can get off the oil addiction and we can let go of our business/war concerns in the Middle East.

    • Captain USA says:

      He orchestrated the largest attack on America since Pearl Harbor… 10000 terror attacks have taken place 60,000 dead, 90,000 injured since 2007. Nineteen major 911 style attacks have been stopped. thousands of other plots have been stopped. Yeah lets keep this in perspective.. Liberals = pathetic

      • Zig Zoe says:

        Osama did not participate or lead 10,000 terror attacks since 2007. So much for your perspective. You must be a proud graduate of the Jon Kyl School of Imaginative Statistics.

        Our military and associated organizations have been stopping threats for decades. 9/11 was a total clusterfuck and a wake-up call that the world had shrunk enough to include America in it.

    • Marisa Hewitt says:

      I agree, Now is the time for us to demand the troops come home. Let’s end the madness that is destroying so many innocents and the environment. The perpetual war machine must be stopped.


  3. Captain USA says:

    Well done to the men and women of our armed forces and intelligence community. While this is not the end of a twenty years war with these despotic butchers, it does some bring closure to those of OBL’s victims from 911, shipmates of USS Cole, bombings in Africa, London, and many other locations around the world. Historically I think this event ranks with the news of the deaths of Hitler, and Mussolini.

    • dwelchnz says:

      And a well done to Obama, the President of These United States.

    • Zig Zoe says:

      It is some closure for some people involved. Historically, it is not even within the same universe as Hitler’s suicide/death. Ridiculous assertion.

      Glad to see that one gang leader responsible for thousands of deaths is dead as well. I will save my celebration for when the US decides to get the hell out of the Middle East.

      • Captain USA says:

        While I would have enjoyed a Nuremberg tribunal. The Presidents order to kill OBL as a legitimate target is a virtual repeat from World War II when intelligence revealed the movements and locations of Admiral Yamamoto (Operation Vengeance) the individual responsible for the attack on Pearl Harbor which brought America fully into World War II. 911 was the largest attack on America since Pearl Harbor…

        Both individuals who gave the order for attacks, and had been targeted and killed as military targets.. The war crimes trials didn’t occurred until after total victory was achieved against axis powers. Until then enemy leaders had been legitimate military targets while hostilities continued…

        Now the $64 dollar question with the killing of OBL have achieved the same prolong effect with the enemy as with Yamamoto in creating a large vacuum in leadership which the enemy never fully recovered? Time will tell over the next few years? Results from such operations aren’t immediately achieved, historically when a major leader of a opposing forces was removed Yamamoto, Stonewall Jackson etc.. Wars continued for may bloody years until victory was eventually achieved. I have my doubts, because of the myriad of Islamic decentralized terrorist groups.

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