Dream Team

Oscar:  What dids Donald Trump say after his fourth bankruptcy?

MacIntosh:  I am so proud of myself.

Oscar:  Eggzactly.  What does he say when he goes poop?

MacIntosh:  I am so proud of myself.

Oscar:  Yeah.  What does he say he when he does his comb-over in the mirror.

MacIntosh:    I am so proud of myself.

Oscar:  Hoelee Moelee you knows all the answers.

MacIntosh:  I just know Donald Trump.

Oscar:  Howse come he likes to say he is proud of himself.

MacIntosh:  It started when he first got into business.

Oscar:  Did he makes lots of money?

MacIntosh:  Yep…but people pointed out that was because his Daddy gave him lots of money to start with.  They said he started on third base but thought he hit a triple.

Oscar:  Yikes.  That must have hurt.

MacIntosh:  Oh yeah.  But he pulled it together, looked in the mirror and said…

Oscar:  “I am so proud of myself”.

MacIntosh:  That’s it.  Then his first two wives left him and he said…

Oscar:  I am so proud of myself

MacIntosh:  Right again.

Oscar:  So when Trump says he is proud of himself what he is really saying is “Uh oh,  you just caught me being stupid.  Please don’t notice I’m a loser.”

MacIntosh:  Exactly.

Oscar:  What else does Trump like to say?

MacIntosh:  “You’re fired.”

Oscar:  Wow.  He and Sarah would be a dream team if they was elected.

MacIntosh:  Why’s that.

Oscar:  He could say “you’re fired” and she could say “I quit.”

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6 Responses to Dream Team

  1. Zig Zoe says:

    I am not a big fan of Carter or Clinton. Carter was horrible as a domestic President and basically a backlash to Ford/Nixon bullshit. Clinton was a decent President who lost his compass when he bought into the Third Way centrist politics in this second term. I feel that Obama has repeated many of the same mistakes as Clinton. He is a right-center President just like Clinton was in his second term. I know you will not agree with that assessment, but what people tend to forget is how far right the Republican party has moved (even since Reagan or GHW were in office). Hell, what conservatives call liberal these days is basically just a Republican from the 1990’s.

  2. Zig Zoe says:

    Artie Shaw did have his own unique sound.

    Trump would probably want to see his birth certificate because Shaw is Jewish and associated with leftist organizations. But he would like that Shaw was a notorious womanizer who was married several times.

    Since you want to still play “guilt by association” game. Most of the Republican party were associated with terrorists in the 1970’s and 1980’s. The Saudis, Saddam and even Bin Laden were all simpatico with the conservatives. Nixon hung out with Mao. Rumsfeld stayed at Saddam palace and we gave them weapons. Reagan armed Iran and the Contras. GW Bush held hands with the Saudi prince….the Bush family had dealings with the Bin Laden family. Hell, Reagan and his conservative buddies funded and armed Bin Laden, Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

    Obama lived in the same Chicago neighborhood and was on the same educational board as Ayers….Oh the humanity!

    • Captain USA says:

      I don’t care for Trump… Right their with yah on the BS 1970’s-80’s…..

      After the Stark got hit and we had deployed the following year, I was criticized for warning my guys to keep both eyes on the Iraqi’s. I shot back and said I don’t trust none of them and we would be at war with them in a few years. At that point they told me to knock it off. Well Gulf I should I was right on that account…
      They didn’t fucking listen to me when I told them we had a compromise in our communications in 81′ when the Soviets got to much ahead of our game plane. But John Walkers arrest proved me right again…

      Clinton and Carter hadn’t been much better, nor our allies…

  3. Captain USA says:

    Wish I invested in more gold years ago LOL..

    From the oldies

    Always like Artie Shaws arrangement…. Crisp and sharp…

  4. Zig Zoe says:

    Captain Chaos Gold Hits – The Oldies Collection

  5. Captain USA says:

    Well, he never filed for bankruptcy, now under his leadership, his companies filed under chapter 11 and reorganized, and came out of it. Personal wealth around 3-6 billion, not bad for a failure..
    Seems these guys ego’s gets the best of them when their dreams aren’t based on sound business models, similar thing happened to Turner thinking he purchased the films library when he bought MGM.

    However no one can justify the complete mismanagement of our nations fiscal affairs by either party.

    At least on thing can be said, Trump never associated with known terrorist (Ayers). But this seems a bit of the norm and in a long tradition for Washington Democrats, http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/edwest/100007596/ira-sympathiser-ted-kennedy-was-no-friend-of-britain/

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