The Race Card

Oscar:  Obama released his long birth certificate thingy.

MacIntosh:  Do you think it will make a difference?

Oscar:  Whys not?

MacIntosh:  Because it doesn’t answer the underlying question that about half the Republican Party has about Obama.

Oscar:  What question is that?

MacIntosh:  How did we end up with a black man in the white house?

Oscar:  So nows what will they say?

MacIntosh:  They’ll say he got into Harvard because he was black… affirmative action.

Oscar:  What’s that?

MacIntosh:  The words white people use to say black people are not capable of achieving success on their own merits.

Oscar:  Hows can Obama prove that?

MacIntosh:  They will want to see his school records.

Oscar:  Is that something every one running for office has done?

MacIntosh:  The question didn’t come up before.

Oscar:  Why’s not?

MacIntosh:  Because we didn’t end up with a black man in the white house.

Oscar:  Did George Bush deserve to get into Harvard?

MacIntosh:  Nope.  He was a dedicated under achiever.

Oscar:  Hows did he get in?

MacIntosh:  Legacy Preference.

Oscar:  Whats that?

MacIntosh:  The words white people say to justify awarding success to people that are incapable on their own merits.  In the Ivy League about 15% of students get in because their parents are alumni.

Oscar:  How does it work?

MacIntosh:  If you have Legacy Preference the school adds an average of 160 points to your SAT score.

Oscar:  That’s handy.  What if you are Asian?

MacIntosh:  They deduct an average of 50 points from your SAT score.

Oscar:  Is you playin’ the race card MacIntosh?

MacIntosh:  Yep.

Oscar:  When will you quit playin’ the race card?

MacIntosh:  When white people quit stacking the deck.

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6 Responses to The Race Card

  1. susan says:

    Good one, Mac!

  2. Zig Zoe says:

    Don’t forget that the cards dealt from the Men’s Club.

  3. Zig Zoe says:

    Yep, those basket-weaving and binge drinking courses was good for GW’s GPA.

  4. Zig Zoe says:

    Only need one US parent.

    McCain’s father was US military.

    Obama’s mother was US citizen.


  5. Captain USA says:

    Well Bush did score higher school grades at Harvard the Kerry…
    Never cared for Harvard, a bunch of a-holes the whole lot…
    Go Irish! Notre Dame!

  6. Captain USA says:

    There is a somewhat open technical question to this, and that is “natural born” citizen.
    its always been a bit mixed through history if this was one parent or both parents citizens, and born within CONUS… This has dogged both McCain and Obama detractors during the last election… McCain being born on US territory in the Panama Canal Zone, and Obama father being a British subject. Chester Author also had this same issue hanging over him with his father. Founding fathers hadn’t been very clear on this point either in their own writings, nor the supreme court.

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