Donald Trump: Orly and Awful

Oscar:   Donald Trump has been showin’ up Orly and Awful.

MacIntosh:  You mean early and often.

Oscar:  Nope….his body has been taken over by Orly Taitz.

MacIntosh:  Huh?

Oscar:  Yep.  Its one them conspiracy things.

MacIntosh:  What happened?

Oscar:  Remember Orly Taitz?

MacIntosh:  She’s the Dentist/Lawyer that found her 15 minutes of fame with the Birther conspiracy.

Oscar:  Looks at her picture.

Orly Taitz - Birther Queen

MacIntosh:  Yikes…thats hard to do.

Oscar:  Now…have you heard from her lately?

MacIntosh:  Nope.

Oscar:  That’s cuz she hired a spirit doctor to take over Donald Trumps body.

MacIntosh:  What?

Oscar:  Yep.  Trump was in California and had a tooth ache and he wents to see Orly to either get it fixed or get it litigated.

MacIntosh:  Yeah….

Oscar:  And she gave him some mumbo jumbo bugalooo gas, brought in the spirit doctor and peoples say there was big flash of light, some smoke and then Trump left lookin’ dazed and confused.

MacIntosh:  Can you prove that?

Oscar:  Look at the picture them took of Trump after the appointment.

Donald "The Zombie" Taitz

MacIntosh:  Yikes. What happened?

Oscar:  Them traded places just like in the movie.

MacIntosh: So Orly ended up in Trumps body and Trump ended up in Orly’s body?

Oscar:  Yep…and ever since Trump has been a birther.

MacIntosh:  You may be on to something.

Oscar:  Yep.  And I gots more proof.

MacIntosh:  What’s that?

Oscar:  Since that day Orly has filed 3 bankruptcies.

MacIntosh:  Just like Donald Trump.

Oscar:  Yep…she can’t stop herself.  She may have to join Bankruptcy Anonymous.

MacIntosh:  Hello.  My name is Orly and I’m a bankruptcy addict.

Oscar:  Eggszactly.

MacIntosh:  Should we notify Trump’s campaign people?

Oscar:  Them already know all about it.

MacIntosh:  What are they going to do?

Oscar:  Nothin’.

MacIntosh:  Why not?

Oscar:  Their internal polls show he has a better chance of winning the Republican primary being Orly.

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