Two Dogs Being Catty

Oscar:  Donald Trump wants Obama to produce his birth certificate.

MacIntosh:  Good idea.

Oscar:  Really?

MacIntosh:  Yep.  Trump and Obama can have a meeting with the cameras rolling…Obama can present his birth certificate and Trump can share the documents from his four bankruptcies.

Oscar:  That seems fair. Is they gonna ask us to present our birth certificates?

MacIntosh:  No…of course not.

Oscar:  Whys not?

MacIntosh:  Because we’re white.  They have never asked a white president to do that.

Oscar:  We’s got an e-mail from the Newt Gingrich.

MacIntosh:  We did?

Oscar:  Him wants to know what we is for so he can be against it.

MacIntosh:  Tell him we are for integrity and honesty.

Oscar:  I did but he didn’t know what them words meant.

MacIntosh:  Have we heard from Sarah?

Oscar:  Yep.

MacIntosh:  What did she say?

Oscar:  She didn’t know what them words meant either.

MacIntosh:  And Michelle Bachmann?

Oscar:  She says she knows what them words mean but she would prefer to keep on lyin’.

MacIntosh:  At least she was honest about that.

Oscar:  Mom says since we is runnin’ for president we has to look real pretty all the time.

MacIntosh:  What does she recommend?

Oscar:  She’s tryin’ to find out who does Donald Trump’s hair so we don’t go there by mistake.

MacIntosh:  Good idea.

Oscar:  What about Haley Barbour?

MacIntosh:  Boss Hawg?

Oscar:  Can he escape his racist Southern past?

MacIntosh:  Nope….not a chance.  The only reason he’s running is he is like everybody else in Mississippi.

Oscar:  Desperate to live someplace else?

MacIntosh:  Exactly.

Oscar:  Howse come peoples is starving in Mississippi?

MacIntosh:  Because Haley’s been eating all their portions.

Oscar:  Yikes.  Where does he buy his suits.

MacIntosh:  Coleman. The last suit he bought came with two poles and six tie-down stakes.


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4 Responses to Two Dogs Being Catty

  1. oscar and macintosh's mom says:

    Just in case, we do have proof of your birth macintosh…..a very timely discussion considering that today is your FIFTH birthday!!!! these are your best ”running years” so go for it!!!! also, you boyz have a date with the groomer tomorrow, so you can
    look pretty for your upcoming campaign photo ops!!!

  2. Zig Zoe says:

    It is a nice place to visit…then leave for a better standard of living in a blue state.

    Secede…we promise this time we will not fight over it.

  3. Captain USA says:

    Old Miss still a nice place to visit on the gulf coast, La is the pits..

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