We Is Running

Oscar:  Thanks everyone for voting on ifs we should run in 2012.

MacIntosh:  Almost everyone says we should run.

Oscar:  Two of yous thought we should dance.

MacIntosh:  And one of you thought we should just hump Roger Ailes leg.

Oscar:  Who’s that?

MacIntosh:  Big bald headed guy….president of Fox TV….we saw him on TV once.

Oscar:  I thought that was a blimp in the Macy’s parade.

MacIntosh:  Somebody pointed out if we win we would have to leave New Zealand.

Oscar:  Which would break my heart on-account-of-because Prince Andrew.

MacIntosh:  Oscar loves Prince Andrew.

Oscar:  Buts I’m willin’ to give it up to lead the free world and everything.

MacIntosh:  So…today…the 23rd day of March, 2011, Oscar and I are officially announcing our candidacy for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States.

Oscar:  Sorries Obama but you drove us to it.

MacIntosh:    We will run a 100% positive campaign.

Oscar:  So we’s is not even gonna mention that little problem with the birth certificate.

MacIntosh:  Oscar…stop that…what are you doing now?

Oscar:   I’m writing a campaign poster.

MacIntosh:  Good idea.

Oscar:  Howse do you spell Kenya?

MacIntosh:  We will run a 95% positive campaign.

Oscar:  Is ‘colonial mindset’ 2 words or 3 words?

MacIntosh:  We will run a 90% positive campaign.

Oscar:  Can we have a slogan?

MacIntosh:  Yes, we can.

Oscar:  Obama already used that one.

MacIntosh:  So let’s ask our readers….

Oscar:  You can vote for more than one and gives us your ideas too.

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2 Responses to We Is Running

  1. Anne Chase says:

    aw, mom! Whys don’t we increase the exercise and keep up on the ice cream cones?

  2. oscar and macintosh's mom says:

    o.k. we go into training today so that you both can run a fair race. that also means cutting down on the ice cream cones your dad shares with you.

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