MacIntosh and Oscar in 2012

Oscar: Some of our readers are sayin’ we should run for Prezident in 2012.

MacIntosh: They will want to see our birth certificates.

Oscar: We’s born in New Zealand.

MacIntosh: But our parents are American.

Oscar: We’s only 5 years old.

MacIntosh: That’s 35 in dog years.

Oscar: We are definitely not qualified.

MacIntosh: The teabaggers will love that quality in us.

Oscar: Sos we can run!!

MacIntosh: The question is…should we?

Oscar: Whys not?

MacIntosh: Why do you want to run?

Oscar: Banquets.

MacIntosh: You need a better reason than banquets.

Oscar: Okays….hmmmmmmm.

MacIntosh: Well?

Oscar: What could be better than banquets?

MacIntosh: Good question. What would we want to do if we are elected?

Oscar: We could feed the hungries.

MacIntosh: In the land of plenty no child should go to bed hungry.

Oscar: We could heals the sick.

MacIntosh: If you believe in the sanctity of life you believe in universal health care.

Oscar: We will makes our workers and small businesses stronger.

MacIntosh: Regulate Wall Street….Renovate Main Street.

Oscar: We would be fair with other countries.

MacIntosh: They are our partners….not our prey.

Oscar: It’s a tough call but I’m leanin’ to the runnin’ side.

MacIntosh: What was your deciding factor.

Oscar: Banquets.

MacIntosh: I think we should ask our readers first.

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3 Responses to MacIntosh and Oscar in 2012

  1. oscar and macintosh's mom says:

    although i know it will change our quiet little family life, i have to give my full support to the boyz. i’ve seen them run and it is a wonderous thing!! keep it real…keep it honest…keep it relevant…give us something to respect….return hope to the hearts of americans!!! VOTE OSCAR and MACINTOSH for president (and VP). it’s a ticket we can really ride!!

  2. Bob Chase says:

    Now were talkin’. Action!

  3. Captain USA says:

    need a campaign slogan.

    America had elected in the past – weasels, rats, skunks, jackasses, chickens, peacocks, bears to the White House…

    2012 Year of the Dog!…..

    A dog is mans best friend, Vote for Mac and Oscar mankind’s best friend….

    It will take Dogs to clean the varmints out of Washington……

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