Give Me Liberty

Oscar:  Looks like we gots rid of flies over Labia.

MacIntosh:  Libya.

Oscar:  Yeah…we gots a no fly zone over Labia.

MacIntosh:  Oscar….its real important to say L.-i-b-y-a instead of labia.

Oscar:  Howse come its of majora importance??

MacIntosh:  Well.  Because….it is.  Take my word for it.

Oscar:  Okays.  Howse come we don’t have a no fly zone over Ballreins.

MacIntosh:  Bahrain.

Oscar:  Yeah…them things.

MacIntosh:  In Libya a dictator is killing his own people to maintain a life of luxury for him and his family.

Oscar:  Whats about in Bahrain?

MacIntosh:  While in Bahrain a dictator is killing his own people to maintain a life of luxury for him and his family.

Oscar:  What’s the difference.

MacIntosh:  Foreign policy based on the price of oil.

Oscar:  Hoelee Moelee.  Whats about in Saudi Arabia?

MacIntosh:  In Saudi Arabia,  a dictator is bribing his own people to maintain a life of luxury for him and his family.

Oscar:  And bribing is a better than killing huh MacIntosh?

MacIntosh:  Much better.  Instead of spending billions to kill and terrorize their own people, the Saudi’s just go  “here you go guys, spend it on yourselves so we won’t have to.”

Oscar:  So its like what that famous Saudi patriot once said…

MacIntosh:  Yep.

Oscar:  Gives me liberty or gives me 25,000 a year.



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5 Responses to Give Me Liberty

  1. Zig Zoe says:

    The overall oil price is connected to all major producers. If Libya has a difficult time producing and their price goes up, then the rest of producers have to take up the slack and are happy to raise their prices to reap the profits.

  2. Captain USA says:

    Well to be fair let us not forget the USS Liberty either…

    Then folks are just nuts in that part of the world.. I think to much sun…

  3. Captain USA says:

    Ex-squeeze please I have a few questions..

    How come response so late in the game they are just now attacking Libya if they wanted to save lives, seems Qa-Daffi has killed a bunch driven the rebels back to one city…

    How come we want Qa-Daffi out, when a good number of these rebels being reported are Al Qaeda, I though we are also at war with Al Qaeda or have I missed something in the last 9 years?

    How come gas prices are up in America when we (a) Don’t import Libyan oil, (b) Saudis have increased production (c) most of our import oil comes from Canada?

    We aren’t going to war with Canada? I hope not I like their beer… “A”..

    • dwelchnz says:

      Where do you read large numbers of Libyan protesters are Al Queda? The analysis I have read, mostly at Informed Comment, indicate a broad spectrum of the population. And the Pentagon indicates there are not large numbers of Al Queda anywhere.

      Should Khadafi go? My instinct as an American is to support the natural rights of free citizens. My real politik also cautions we should not interfere in another sovereign country; it backfires with the people and almost always indicates an ulterior motive on our part.

      Watching the drama unfold in Libya has been painful. I personally feel like Obama has played this one perfectly….holding fire, waiting for a global consensus and, more importantly, the support of the other Arab countries.

      I am less thrilled with our willingness to look aside as Saudi Arabia sent troops into support the dictator (and the Sunnis) in Bahrain. What kind of hellstorm would have erupted had Iran send troops in to support the Shia?

      The price of oil has gone up despite a glut of oil….demand has been down as you might expect with a global recession. Its the commodity brokers. They are also sitting on vital foodstuffs, waiting for the right price as people starve. It is why arbitrage is called the last industry of failed empires.

  4. Captain USA says:


    I’m pretty darn tired of the waste of lives, wealth, and resources we have dumped in that sand pit….

    You know they actually import sand there…. Yup saw it myself… The desert stuff is to fine a quality to use as concrete so they have to ship the stuff in… Who knew LOL…

    Bet you folks didn’t know that for decades Arab Luv boat singles cruises been sailing from New Zealand to the land Ali Baba?

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