Make Less So We Can Make More

Oscar:  I wants to be a teacher when I grows up.

MacIntosh:  Why’s that?

Oscar:  Cuz theys is livin’ a Charlie Sheen life.

MacIntosh:  Really?

Oscar:  Yep.  The guy on foxes channel says they is livin’ in the lap of luxury…makin’ the big bucks and hardly workin’ part-time.  Theys get 2 months off a year so thems got plenty of time to luxurize in theirs yachts and private jets.

MacIntosh:  Sounds real nice.

Oscar:  And ifs I can’t be a teachers I wants to be a public service employee.

MacIntosh:  Which kind?

Oscar:  Doesn’t matter…theys is all filthy rich living on private estates and making 10 times what them pays the Greeter at Walmart.

MacIntosh:  And not everyone can aspire to being a Greeter.

Oscar:  Eggs Zactly.

MacIntosh:  What else did the guy on Fox say.

Oscar:  He said the reasons the protesters is makin’ so much noise is because that’s what a pig does when you poke it with a knife.

MacIntosh:   What does he think we should do?

Oscar:  We should bust their Onions.

MacIntosh:  Unions?

Oscar:  Yeah like that thing.

MacIntosh:  What about the bankers and the stock brokers?

Oscar:  Whats about them?

MacIntosh:  Does he think they are making too much money?

Oscar:  Nope…he says they deserve every cent they gets to keep because we don’t tax them.

MacIntosh:  Wow.

Oscar:  What’s the matter MacIntosh.

MacIntosh:  It’s just that…well…there are people that are so fucked up they actually believe that.

Oscar:  Quarter in the jar….maybe two quarters.

MacIntosh:  Look. .. when the republicans lie about something most of us don’t know much about you can almost forgive people for believing their lies.

Oscar:  Maybe three quarters.

MacIntosh:  But this is something all of us know a lot about.  We all had or have teachers.  We all know lots of teachers.  We all know public service employees.  We know how these people live.  They are barely middle-class.  They work their asses off.

Oscar:  Definitely four quarters

MacIntosh:  All people have to do is look 50 feet around them to know what the Republicans are saying is a pile of shit.

Oscar:  A gazillion quarters

MacIntosh: There are people in the middle class that would clap like trained seals if the GOP paraded a guy on Fox that said “hey…we hate you middle class and we want the poorer people just to die.  Man up you pigs… we need you to MAKE LESS so the moneyed elite can MAKE MORE”

Oscar:  Them Republicans should make that their new slogan.

MacIntosh:  Whats that?

Oscar:  “Make Less So We Can Make More”


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12 Responses to Make Less So We Can Make More

  1. Sterling says:

    Could be difficult to get competent persons about this matter, however you be understood as you understand exactly what you are talking about! Cheers

  2. Captain USA says:

    Another explosion. Looks like a full melt down, Navy Chiefs order Reagan Battle Group out of the down wind area.. NOT GOOD… With potential of another major aftershock and second major wave, to potentially cripple all efforts on those nuclear plants. A large portions of Japan may have to be abandoned.

    Looks like China will be the top dog on the block now in this region.

    • Zig Zoe says:

      China has been top dog in that region for over a decade. China is about to become top dog in the world. We can only blame ourselves.

  3. oscar and macintosh's mom says:

    the jar is getting full….let’s donate the contents to earthquake and tsunami relief.
    world events should help to serve politicians in revising priorities and to stop focussing on irrelevant ideologies and disseminating untrue propaganda. it’s getting a bit too surreal for me.

    • Captain USA says:

      Horrible whats happening in Japan, they are expecting another major aftershock and a possible another large tidal wave.

      I said earlier if those reactors go, their is a good chance for some fallout reaching the west coast of North America. During the Second World War the Japanese deployed high altitude balloons as terror weapons. Something very similar to Finland when Chernobyl went…

      17 American airmen and their aircraft ended up going through decontamination for radiological exposure yesterday after returning to the USS Ronald Reagan.. Hundreds of Japanese have been exposed to higher dosages or killed so far.

      Those damaged reactors are going to be more of long-term issue than the earthquakes, and tidal waves for the Japanese if they can’t contain the materials, which the rods are now exposed.

  4. Zig Zoe says:

    The Republican propaganda has been brilliant. It has allowed them to steal the wealth from the lower 95% to enrich the top 5% and destroy the discussion of class warfare which is occurring in this country.

    Republicans = Rich Man’s Bitch

    Here’s a dollar for the jar.

    • Captain USA says:

      “Socialism is when you own two cows and have to give one to your neighbor. Communism is when the government owns both the cows and gives you a little of the milk. Capitalism is when you own two cows, sell one, and buy a bull.”

      Then of course unless your a goat thief

      • Zig Zoe says:

        Leave it to a conservative to talk about the concept of governance from a story about dairy cows.

        Capitalism is an economic concept, not a form of government. Leave it to a conservative to think capitalism is a way to govern.

  5. Captain USA says:

    I would like to see school systems have a better control locally as they did a few decades earlier.. With state school boards focused more logistics and standardization statewide.

    Teachers at one time had been considered respectable and hold a position in the community. But the 1960s destroyed traditional education with experimental schools, and failed projects. These programs while worthy on intent failed to produce the desired results. Comparison to schools in western Europe during the 70’s and 80’s. America’s public education system as a disgrace..

    Schools don’t focus on practical applications of industry to train students with skills to allow for employment. You also have abusive and incompetent teachers in New York for example are place in a building down town drawing salaries who should have been fired and their teacher licenses revoked.

    Charter schools, and voucher programs are successful but are not a solution rather a band aid applied to a catastrophic injury. Schools need to return to the basics, while incorporating new technologies in teaching the basics. Schools need to provide for the arts, literature, proper sports programs and real industrial sciences.

    The Government is promoting a highly successful program for years and it hasn’t gotten much attention. Troops to Teachers, military officers and NCO’s have excellent training skill sets which produce in school environments. No its not like a Hollywood version of some sergeant yelling and shouting. Rather leadership skills, and instilling self-discipline, praise, rewards, safe environment. Many of the Troops to Teachers are placed directly into the worst areas.

    If you have a great teacher they should be rewarded not fired. Because of union contracts in place the recent teacher of the year was let go in Wisconsin because she lack seniority.

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