Four Scotties

Oscar:  I’m glad we’s Westies and not Scotties.

MacIntosh:  Why’s that?

Oscar:  Cuz Scotties is in trouble all over the place.

MacIntosh:  They are?

Oscar:  Yep.  Firsts you got Scotty Walker.

MacIntosh:  The Governor of Wisconsin

Oscar:  Thens you gots Scotty Fitzgerald.

MacIntosh:  The GOP Senate Majority Leader in Wisconsin.

Oscar:  Whats wrong with that guy?

MacIntosh:  He’s desperate.  Says he’s got proof that Obama is behind the recall efforts in Wisconsin because…..drum roll…one of the organizers voted for Obama in the last election.  He also says he now thinks the recall laws should only apply in specific cases.

Oscar:  Likes what?

MacIntosh:  Like for any Democrat.  They should only apply to Republicans if they are caught on tape sexually abusing children under 12 in a manner considered un-Christian.

Oscar:  I’m proud of the 14 democrats that are staying out of state.

MacIntosh:  Me too…why do you say?

Oscar:  Cuz they don’t get to smoke whatevers them Senators is smokin’.

MacIntosh:  Good point.

Oscar:  Now Scotty Brown is in troubles too.

MacIntosh:  Yep.  Caught on tape sucking Koch at a cancer fundraiser.

Oscar:  Oh thank you Mr. Koch for yours money to get me elected and would you please, my noble overlord, gives me some more monies so I can get elected and be your bitch some more.

MacIntosh:  Maybe Koch will bring him out to California and show him a real good time.

Oscar:  Outstanding.  And there is another Scotty in deep doo-doo.

MacIntosh:  Who’s that?

Oscar:  Rick Scotty the Governor of Florida.

MacIntosh:  His name is Rick Scott.

Oscar:  I knows MacIntosh.  I’m workin’ this Scotty thing and I had to make it fit.

MacIntosh:  Sorry.

Oscar:  Geez….gives a boy some poetic license why wont ya.

MacIntosh:  I said I’m sorry.  Yep.  Ol’ Rick Scotty turns down Fed money for high speed rail which gets the business tycoons angry…then he proposes a $1.75 billion tax cut for corporations and wants to fire 8500 state employees to pay for it.

Oscar:   Which makes everybody else angry.

MacIntosh:  Well…he said he wanted to run government like a corporation.

Oscar:  If he does that where’s the corporate CEO’s gonna run to when they bankrupt their corporations?

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2 Responses to Four Scotties

  1. Rena says:

    Arrived at your web blog through Delicious. You already know I am subscribing to your feed.

  2. Captain USA says:

    I love rail travel, only problem these proposed projects aren’t profitable. Railroads had been worn out during WWII, and light rails bought up in the 50’s and paved over… Thanks to General Motors and Standard Oil…

    Passenger train service is not profitable, wasn’t by the 1930’s.. New Haven RR primarily made money on the freight and not passenger service. de-electrification of railroad lines also proved to be a disaster. Diesels engines can’t pull the load as electric.

    Idiots in Rhodes Island asked for Florida’s funding for high speed rail?? They would be better obtaining a monorail similar to Disney world for that size state..

    Commuter passenger service has been returning over the years to areas which show interest and support by the local communities to utilize the services. The old colonial line running from Boston to Green Bush (outside Plymouth) has been turned to service for trains in nearly 50 years…

    Other train lines have been turned into recreational use such as “rails to trails”.
    Politicians don’t have a clue as to whats required in building and running a rail road. They have to be profitable they need a solid business model based on passenger, commuter and freight services..

    I would like to see rail service restored to more rural areas, and taken out of the hands of Amtrak. I long for the days of rail…

    Such funding would be better used to repair existing bridges, roads, dams, water and sewage system, and rail beds.

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