Oscar:  In Sacramento one of thems teabaggers says a union supporter tried to choke him.

MacIntosh:  Did he mention if it was before or after he spit in the union supporters face?

Oscar:  He spit in his face?

MacIntosh:  Yep…I think he was trying to water the Tree of Liberty.

Oscar:  And a Foxes News reporter says the protesters in Wisconsin were yellin’ that Foxes lies and then one of them punched him.

MacIntosh:  Except somebody took a video with their cell phone and it shows the reporter got gently tapped on the shoulder by someone that wanted to talk to him.

Oscar:  Sos the reporter was upset cuz the protesters says Foxes lies and then he lied about what happened?

MacIntosh:  Yep.  The teabaggers are confronting people that are concerned about their rights as workers to negotiate for what they get paid.  They’re doing it on weekends we have because of unions… using mobile wheel chairs they bought with government medicine.

Oscar:  Them teabaggers is like Chihuahuas.

MacIntosh:  You mean rat-like creatures that don’t do anything productive?

Oscar:  Yep.  Them goes yip-yip-yip and then cries like babies if someone gets mad at them.

MacIntosh:  That sounds bigoted Oscar.

Oscar:  Whats that mean?

MacIntosh:  You’re condemning a whole breed of dog based on the behaviour of some of them.

Oscar:  You evers see a Chihuahua not go yip-yip-yip or do somethin’ to help somebody.

MacIntosh:  No…but…

Oscar:  Ever hears of a Chihuahua sled dog?

MacIntosh:  Nope.

Oscar:  Ever hears of a Chihuahua guard dog?

MacIntosh:  Nope…but..

Oscar:  Ever hears of Chihuahua dog for the blind peoples?

MacIntosh:  Nope.

Oscar:  Ever hears of a teabagger proposal for creating jobs?

MacIntosh:  Nope.

Oscar:  Ever hears a teabagger proposal that would heals the sick or feed the hungry?

MacIntosh:  Nope.

Oscar:  Ever hears of a teabagger proposal that would realistically cut the deficit?

MacIntosh:  Nope.

Oscar:  You knows why?

MacIntosh:  Why Oscar?

Oscar:  Cuz them useless complaining little babies that act hateful and ugly then goes hidin’ behind their Dad or Mom’s back  or goes woe is me I need a lawyer or poor-little-me the peoples notice the place I work lies all the time.  Thems people that have lived lives vastly enriched by the sacrifices and hard-earned benefits that unions created who goes yip-yip-yip Foxes says unions is bad sos I’m gonna use one of my sick days to attack the rights of people to says what they get paid.  Thems reporters that belong to a union out demonizing unions cuz them works for a slime bag.

MacIntosh:  Taco Bell.

Oscar:  Huh?

MacIntosh:  There was a Chihuahua that was a spokesperson for Taco Bell. You know –  Yo Quiero Taco Bell – Viva Gorditas

Oscar:  That’s kinda cute.

MacIntosh:  So see…not all Chihuahuas are evil.

Oscar:  That’s true MacIntosh.  I’m sorry.  What’s Taco Bell?

MacIntosh:  Food that will kill you.



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5 Responses to Chihuahuas

  1. Uncle Stever says:

    Damn liberal bastards and their pocketbook pup breeding..

    • Zig Zoe says:

      Leave it to you to take a nice story about dog transportation/adoption and make it a political issue.

      If you want to trace it back to the cultural causes, then it is the economy and ignorant owners as the article correctly points out.

      Go to a backyard breeder or puppy farm (which both should be illegal) and ask them their political persuasion… I am willingly to bet it is not a “bleeding heart liberal” which you love to lampoon at every turn.

      Bring back your caped persona “Captain USA”, he was a hoot….

  2. Uncle Stever says:

    Noting new, we all saw those union thugs bust’n old folks up during the town halls, another POS from tax-eye-chew-sucks called for union mob to commit violent attacks…

    Nice to know that majority of folks in this countru aren’t union and are armed 🙂

    BTW how come the Federal employees don’t need aARB-BRoTRayshun but State employees do? Fed workers doing nicely.. LOL I sorree for my spell’n I want to a publix school with union teechers..

    • Zig Zoe says:

      Another canned reply from the rich man’s bitch….

      All Wisconsin needs to do is not pass the tax cuts and its budget would be fine. But the wealthy need a tax cut, they do not have to tighten their belts like the rest of us. The Wisconsin Unions gave the Governor all the financial concessions he wanted, but no that was not enough he wanted their Collective Bargining right. Nothing but another Union buster. The decline of the American Union can be directly linked to the decline of the middle class of America…especially since 1980.

      Republicans, conservatives, libertarians, Tea Partiers are nothing but a bunch of ignorant people who have been duped into hating the poor and middle classes in order to push along the agenda of the elite few. Basically: Republicans are the rich man’s bitch.

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