Oscar:  I wants to buy a governor.  Howse much monies does it take?

MacIntosh:  In Wisconsin it costs the Koch brothers $43,000 in direct contributions and a couple million in support ads.

Oscar:  Yikes.  I can’ts afford that much monies.

MacIntosh:  Are you short?

Oscar:  We’es both short MacIntosh.  We’s Westies.

MacIntosh:  Its chump change for the rich but normal folks can’t afford their very own governor.

Oscar:  That’s not fair, huh MacIntosh.

MacIntosh:  Nope.

Oscar:  Maybe’s we could do a time share.

MacIntosh:  Great idea.  Normal people could buy an hour or a day.  Pretty hard to do though.

Oscar:  Yep.  Maybes Governor Walker coulds charge more so even the rich peoples can’t afford it.

MacIntosh:  You can’t turn a two dollar whore into a Parisian courtesan.

Oscar:  Yep.  Well………what ifs the peoples make it expensive if a rich guy buys a governor.

MacIntosh:  How would we do that?

Oscar:  Rich peoples have companies that sell products and they depend on the poor and middle class peoples to buy those products.

MacIntosh:  Yep.

Oscar:  Ifs the people quit buyin’ theirs product that would costs the rich peoples a lot of money.

MacIntosh:  So when they buy a politician they have to add the costs of lost sales into the equation.

Oscar:  Zactly.  It’s a way for all of us to vote against the peoples that would ruin our democracy.

MacIntosh:  Georgia Pacific, owned by the Koch brothers, had 2010 sales of $100 billion dollars.  If we reduced that by 5%, it would make the cost of a governor shoot through the roof.

Oscar:  Cuz ifs I can’t buy a governor they cants buy one either.

MacIntosh:  And it’s a free market solution.  They are free to support who they want and we are free to buy what we want.

Oscar:  Peoples could help other shoppers buy smart by taking post-it notes to the market that say “Save our Democracy – Don’t buy this product” and slap ‘em on all the Koch’s products.

MacIntosh:  What do you call this idea?

Oscar:  It’s a Boyzcott.

MacIntosh:  I found a website that can help.  It’s called

Oscar:  To help everyone we’s got a list of Koch brother products below.

MacIntosh:  You should send this list to everyone you know.

Boyzcott the Koch’s!!

Brawny paper towels
Dixie plates, bowls, napkins and cups
Mardi Gras napkins and towels
Quilted Northern toilet paper
Soft ‘n Gentle toilet paper
Sparkle napkins
Vanity fair napkins
Zee napkins
Georgia-Pa­cific paper products and envelopes
All Georgia-Pa­cific lumber and building products *more detailed list below*

Stainmaste­r Carpet

Dense Armor Drywall and Decking
ToughArmor Gypsum board
Georgia pacific Plytanium Plywood
Densglass sheathing
G/P Industrial plasters (some products used by a lot of crafters)-
Agricultural Plaster
Arts & Crafts Plaster
Dental Plaster
General Purpose Plaster
Glass-reinforced Gypsum (GRG)
Industrial Tooling Plaster
Investment Casting Plaster
Medical Plaster
Metal Casting Plaster
Pottery Plaster

INVISTA Products

FibreStrong Rim board
G/P Lam board
Blue Ribbon OSB Rated Sheathing
Blue Ribbon Sub-floor
DryGuard Enhanced OSB
Nautilus Wall Sheathing
Thermostat OSB Radiant Barrier Sheathing
Broadspan Engineered Wood Products
XJ 85 I-Joists
FireDefender Banded Cores
FireDefender FS
FireDefender Mineral Core
Hardboard and Thin MDF including Auto Hardboard,
Perforated Hardboard and Thin MDF
Wood Fiberboard –
Commercial Roof Fiberboard
Hushboard Sound Deadening Board
Regular Fiberboard Sheathing
Structural Fiberboard Sheathing

COMFOREL® fiberfill
COOLMAX® fabric
CORDURA® fabric
DACRON® fiber
SOLARMAX® fabric
SOMERELLE® bedding products
SUPPLEX® fabric
TACTEL® fiber
TACTESSE® carpet fiber
TERATE® polyols
TERATHANE® polyether glycol
PHENREZ® resin
POLARGUARD® fiber and
LYCRA® fiber




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7 Responses to Boyzcott

  1. oscar and macintosh's mom says:

    uh oh…there goes my 3-ply toilet paper…but i’m willing to sacrifice a little comfort for the cause, boyz. sounds like those koch brothers own the world….there will have to be a lot of boyzcotting going on to send the signal. ready, set………don’t buy!!

    • Zig Zoe says:

      It is telling that anytime the idea of sacrifice is called for it is always the middle class or lower who have to do it.

  2. Uncle Stever says:

    Boycott Soros, run the mother fucker out of the country…

  3. Uncle Stever says:

    The answer actually is depends…

    If your a Democrat, you get the majority of your funding from public sector unions.. its a money laundry which mafia Lucky Luciano Mob bosses control unions and divert the union dues back to Democrats.. The money comes from hard working Americans tax dollars…

    Koch brothers are nothing compared to George Soros, and his communists and socialists organizations and money fronts.., Tides foundation, the list is huge…

    But as the CEO of 3M stated companies are indentured servants of fucking Nero-Obama… So “hasta la vista, baby” ….

    Democrats the party of slavery and seditionists… Scum, traitors, insurrectionists the whole lot…

    But the Democrats and their corrupt machine are going to get theirs in 2012….
    November 2010 was merely a courtesy flush, next election the peoples of this country are pulling the chain twice…

    Recent polls shows Americans in favor of shutting the government down…

    Damn right shut it down…

    America needs to go back to its roots, tar and feather, ride them out on a rail…

    • dwelchnz says:

      Actually the AP poll shows exactly the opposite results of Rassmussen…and Rasmussen has a highly controversial record as being right leaning …is considered by many professionals as being unreliable for that reason.

      The point on boycotts should be taken both ways. Large corporations corrupting the system with money should be identified and boycotted if you don’t agree with their bias. Its a way to vote. The BuyingFreeze website identified in the post has created a process that either “side” can use. If you don’t like Soros…don’t buy his products.

    • Zig Zoe says:

      Now lets hear your take on the Republicans, Mr. Non-Extremist.

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