The Oscars

Oscar:  Hey thems got some Oscar Awards tonight and no one let me knows about it.

MacIntosh:  Yeah…the Oscars.  I guess they forgot to check in with you.

Oscar:  Well howse they gonna know whose I want to win if they don’t ask me?

MacIntosh:  It’s in California….maybe they can read your vibrations from there and know who you would pick.

Oscar:  Yikes.  I betters be more careful what I thinks.

MacIntosh:  So what are your favorites?

Oscar:  I picks blueberry and cream ice cream and beef sausages.

MacIntosh:  No…no…for the awards.  Who do you pick for Best Actress?

Oscar:  That’s easy…its Ann Coulter.  She’s been actin’ all year likes she’s a female person.

MacIntosh:  She should be Best Actor then.

Oscar:   Oh yeah, you’re right.  Lets see…Best Actress…it’s a tie between Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin.

MacIntosh:  Really?  Why do you pick them?

Oscar:  Well….they boths doin’ a great job actin’ like they could be serious presidential contenders.  Sarah’s got her own TV show and Michelle does a consistently good jobs of delivering her lies.

MacIntosh:  Lines….actresses deliver their lines.

Oscar:  Oh.  Sarah then

MacIntosh:  How about Best Film?

Oscar:  BP.

MacIntosh:  British Petroleum?

Oscar:  Yep.  They made a film of oil that covers the Gulf of Mexico.

MacIntosh:  Good point.  Best Comedy?

Oscar:  Christine O’Donnell for sure.

MacIntosh:  Yep.  How do you top that?

Oscar:  I AM NOT A WITCH!!!

MacIntosh:  Don’t get me started.  What about Best Foreign Film?

Oscar:  I picks BP again.

MacIntosh:  Stupid question…sorry.

Oscar:  That’s okays MacIntosh.  Yous can’t know everything.

MacIntosh:  What about The Kings Speech?

Oscar:  I had a dream…I’s has gone to the mountain top….

MacIntosh:  No…the movie.

Oscar:  I d.d.d.d.d.d.d.on’t know n.n.n.n.nothin’ about that.

MacIntosh:  Smart ass.


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8 Responses to The Oscars

  1. oscar and macintosh's mom says:

    the boyz watch a dvd movie every single night…so i was a bit surprised at oscar’s picks. somewhere along the way, they got lost in the political maze and can’t find their way out! perhaps it’s time for an intervention!!

  2. Uncle Stever says:

    Charlie Sheen is my hero

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