The Boyz Call Governor Walker

Oscar:  Hello everybody.  Me and MacIntosh heard Governor Walker takes a lot of calls sos we decided to call him ourselves.

MacIntosh:  We pretended we were part of the Koch Familia.

Oscar:  We said we was sent to New Zealand to do the family business.

MacIntosh:  We recorded everything so you all could have fun too.


Actual transcript:  Phone call Feb 23, 2011 to Governor Scott Walker



Walker:  Hello…Governor Walker at your service.

Oscar:  Hi Scotty.  This is Oscar Koch and I’m here with MacIntosh Koch.  Is it Ok to call you Scotty?

Walker: You betcha.

MacIntosh:  Uncle David is a little upset with that phone call you took from the blogger.

Walker: Please assure him it won’t happen again.

Oscar:  Well just in case the first thing we need to teach you is the code words we use when we call you or Boehner or them others Republicans peoples.

Walker:  Good idea.

MacIntosh:   OK.  What we say is “who’s my bitch?”

Walker: Right.

Oscar:  And then you say “I is.”

MacIntosh:  Did you get that Scotty?

Walker:  Yes sir.

Oscar:  Okays.  Let’s try it out.  Whos my bitch?”

Walker: I is.

MacIntosh:  That’s great Scotty.  Now we have some business to discuss.

Walker: Yes sir.

MacIntosh:  As you know, my Uncle David is already hiring people to work on those power stations you promised without any bids.  You still OK with that?

Walker: You betcha.

Oscar:  And when theys start, me and MacIntosh is comin’ in to supervise.  We’s will be travelin’ light…just a few suitcases of cash and a couple of baseball bats in case we runs into any protesters.

Walker: Just bring the cash…I already have the baseball bats.

Oscar:  That’s nice Scotty.  Anyways we needs you to pick up some foods…lets say some steaks,  some Mightee Dog, and lets see, oh yeah, more steaks.

Walker: Whatever you need.  Anything else?

MacIntosh:  Poodles…a couple of poodle bitches would be real nice.

Walker:  No problem.

Oscar:  I’m glads we got this straightened out.  Good lucks with your onion bustin’.  It’s a smelly job and you is the smelly guy for the job.

Walker:  Onion busting?

MacIntosh:  Bad connection….he said union busting.

Walker: Well thanks for the support.  I really believe in freedom.

MacIntosh:  That’s nice Scotty as long as you don’t believe in democracy.

Walker: No…no way.  I said freedom not democracy.

Oscar:  Cuz you can’t trust a vote you cants buy huh Scotty?

MacIntosh:  When we finish the power stations we will have you down to New Zealand and show you a real good time.

Walker: That would be outstanding.

Oscar:  Makes sure you brings your tuxedo.

Walker: Am I going to a formal party?

MacIntosh:  No.  We are going to arrange for you to walk with the penguins.

Oscar:  Would you likes that Scotty?

Walker: That would be outstanding.



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12 Responses to The Boyz Call Governor Walker

  1. Uncle Stever says:

    A lesson to you liberals…

  2. Uncle Stever says:

    Like a great Sage and Prophets of old… Rings to true today…

    This country needs more Archies

  3. Uncle Stever says:

    And in Pentagon news this week

    President Obama has signed an executive order to expedite implementation training on repeal of DADT.

    • Zig Zoe says:

      I can see why Republicans are afraid of homosexuals considering there are so many closeted ones in their ranks. “Don’t out me bro!”

  4. oscar and macintosh's mom says:

    boyz…i think you went a little far with the poodle thing. it is important that you maintain your westie dignity! and do you really think the penguins of new zealand can
    deal with that level of toxicity…they are such innocent and vulnerable little creatures! we’ll talk about this when you get home tonight!!

    • Uncle Stever says:

      Poodles? Damn French, best thing ever to out of France was Patton’s 3rd Army…
      Remember Boy’s flies spread decease so keep yours closed….

  5. Uncle Stever says:

    And in other news this day in history..

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