Walker Sucks Koch

Oscar:  Governor Walker says the unrest in Wisconsin is caused by ‘outside agitators’.

MacIntosh:  That’s what Mubarak and Ghaddafi said too….but in this case it’s the absolute truth.

Oscar:  It is?

MacIntosh:  Yep.  Outside agitators from California no less…the Koch brothers.

Oscar:  Them brothers drove out from California to support the unions?

MacIntosh:  No…they sent lots of money to bus in teabaggers from out of town to support Walker….not to mention the money they spent getting Walker elected in the first place.

Oscar:  Them Koch brothers must loves Wisconsin.

MacIntosh:  The Koch brothers are playing monopoly.  They bought Wisconsin and now they want to get some rent money.

Oscar:  Is Walker the car or the little dog them moves after they roll the dice?

MacIntosh:  He’s the sack of money and the howitzer.

Oscar:  Do the peoples in Wisconsin know the Koch brothers are usin’ Walker to play monopoly?

MacIntosh:  If they were paying attention they would know….but now everyone will know.

Oscar:  Did Walker confess?

MacIntosh:  Nope.  But a guy called him up pretending he was David Koch and recorded the conversation.

Oscar:  Whats did them talk about?

MacIntosh:  It was your basic report-to-the-boss call.  Walker was sharing his tactics and strategies….how he planned on tricking the democratic representatives.

Oscar:  Was the fake David Koch happy with his efforts?

MacIntosh:  Oh yeah….said after the dust settled they would fly Walker to California and show him a real good time.

Oscar:  What did Walker say.

MacIntosh:  He said that would be outstanding.

Oscar:  But it wouldn’t be upstanding, huh MacIntosh?

MacIntosh:  Nope…Walker has sold his soul and the welfare of the people in Wisconsin.

Oscar:  What does them call it when a politician sells himself?

MacIntosh:  Sucking Koch.


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21 Responses to Walker Sucks Koch

  1. Fight the Right says:

    Republicans, indeed, made a few choice errors this week. It’s like 1995 all over again. Fight the poor and the middle class and you ultimately lose. Cut funding in education, assistance programs and the like, while trying to destroy collective bargaining in America and watch as those independents who leaned toward you in the last election, run screaming from you in the next. They get giddy with power and start raising their arms in the Nazi salute just like Dr. Strangelove…and the truth cuts them off at the knees.

    • gogorocks@gmail.com says:

      only problem is that 60% of the nation favors a shutdown this time because the libs have overspent and they are just plain tired of the unions.
      shut ‘er down …

      • dwelchnz says:

        Rasmussen has it 60% for shutdown….AP has it 60% against. Consider the source.

      • dwelchnz says:

        Uh Oh…looks like Boehner is going with the AP poll:

        LA Times:
        House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) told a convention of religious broadcasters in Nashville on Sunday evening that a federal government shutdown was not appropriate and not what the electorate wanted.

      • Zig Zoe says:

        That’s the problem? Oy vey…

        The problem is that deregulation of the economy and tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans have put us in a hole. Now we could repeal the tax cuts and support the working class…. but instead Republicans want to keep giving tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans at the expense of working Americans. Conservatives moan about transferring of wealth… well it is happened over the past decade… the largest transfer of wealth in the history of humanity… not a freakin’ peep… but it is okay in Conservative-land if the wealth leaves the pockets of hard working Americans to pad the pockets of the uber-wealthy American/International/MNC…

        Conservatives are destroyers of the middle class and America. Someone said liberals should go to China, why don’t all of you go to Texas and secede, hell we will throw in Oklahoma and Kansas for ya….

  2. Fight the Right says:

    You gun slinging “grass roots” conservatives who drink the Kool-Aid of the billionaires who fund your tea parties are priceless. You either have nothing or more money than God…there’s no middle class anymore, anyway. You follow like sheep and believe anything that Fox News tells you. You wave Bibles at the populice like you know something that’s in it…LOL. And you use words like “shit” because you haven’t the vocabulary to say anything else. You are adorable. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid. You are not nearly as powerful as you want to believe. There is a still a thinking constituency out there who will have their fill of you in about three months and start turning away from your outrageous, unrealistic tirades and look to logic once again.

    • juno@gmail.com says:

      tirades? you dems are a bunch a crying kids who are loosing the game and have taken the ball and went home. don’t talk to us about tirades.
      you libs kill me. socialism has failed every place it existed. it’s now failing in wisconsin, the most socialistic state in the union and you guys can’t stand it. face it, it’s over. the gig is up and finally conservastivism is taking over the badger state. oh, it’s nice to know you know something about kool-aid too seeing as though you’ve been drinking it from obamas schlong for the past 2 years.

      • Zig Zoe says:

        Learn about socialism or better yet mixed governments before you espouse generalist nonsense next time.

        Look at any key variables about quality of life and those so-called “socialist” European countries are kicking our arse.

        It is sad that conservatives hate the low and middle classes… you guys are idiots.

    • right is right, left is wrong says:

      You progressives kill me.
      If you’d only do what is best for our country instead of yourselves you might get somewhere.
      Our country has overspent and now we need to balance the books.
      Your free ride is over. Get a job like the rest of us and support yourself and carry your own weight.
      Or leave for china if you love socialism so much.

      • Zig Zoe says:

        The best for our country to support 95% of our people instead of the wealthy elite few which you idiotic conservatives (oxymoron) support.

        Invest and support our Unions, education, healthcare, housing, and scientific research to re-create the middle class which Reagan and the trickle-down American haters have destroyed over the past thirty years.

        China isn’t socialist…nor is it a good example of a social liberal government. That is okay, I don’t expect you guys to think beyond simple concepts.

  3. Uncle Stever says:

    ******Seniority system cuts fresh MPS teachers amid budget crunch******


    Megan Sampson was named outstanding first-year teacher by the Wisconsin Council of Teachers of English last week. Second-year social studies teacher Kevin Condon, also at Bradley Tech High School, has four licenses and can command the attention of 40 students in an open-concept classroom. Both are among 482 educators – more than 12% of the full-time teachers in the district – who have received layoff notices from Milwaukee Public Schools.

    So much for the best and brightest for our children, these teachers are off to private schools…..

    *************Two-Thirds of Wisconsin Public-School 8th Graders Can’t Read Proficiently—Despite Highest Per Pupil Spending in Midwest *******************


    For you dumb shit liberals who may attack offense at this article source here is MESSIAH Obamas’ own Department of (UN)Education source…

    *************Milwaukee bottom of the heap *********************************


    • Zig Zoe says:

      And Captain Stever of the USA strikes again!

      Are you related to Glenn Beck? Because those are some Beckian style rants you got going there… hilarious…

    • Clemb0t says:

      Mr. Walker was the Milwaukee County Executive for 8 years prior to becoming Governor. The fights between him and all public employees in that county are things of legend… and unfortunately its difficult to find the real story under the legend. Suffice it to say that its no surprise that students there have lower scores than they did in the past.

      Now, instead of that one area lets take a look at the test scores by state. The third link you so thoughtfully provided shows that the state of Wisconsin as a whole meets or beats the national average in all four major categories, and does very well in two of them.
      So that means that if only 1/3 of Wisconsin 8th graders can read proficiently, then the nation as a whole is even lower.

      Using that same data along with charts from other sites that show which states allow collective bargaining you begin to see that the states that have unionized teachers tend to have higher test scores on average than the non-unionized states. Why is that?

      Funny how the little facts get left out of stories, eh?

  4. Uncle Stever says:

    Harry Reid…. Aaaaah Harry the gift that keeps on giving….

    Whats up with Harry – Harry is just jealous. Because Prostitutes no more about “Stimulus”then he does.. I guess the Democrats feel they are the only ones entitled to SCREW the public out of money

    I was reading the Bible this morning looking through the pages on this topic..
    Found plenty of examples redemption of prostitutes, none for politicians….
    What does that tell you regarding the abomination of politics…

    Second oldest profession trying to shut down the oldest profession locally in Nevada, hmmm Its a shame its not the other way around…. Politicians such as Reid are really nothing more than pimps selling out America to special interests and unions.

    Politicians such as Reid are a greater threat to American society – 14 trillion dollars national debt….

  5. Uncle Stever says:

    Walker Sucks Koch….
    How about that John Clapper head of Obamastan Intelligence. No Oxi just moron…
    The man who never heard of the UK’s largest terror arrests, and thinks the Islamic Brotherhood is secular… “Clapper” Hmmm fitting name if you think about it for this fellow across between a “sexually transmitted decease and a key ring”….

    Other STD in the News….

    ********************STD – Short Term Democrats**************
    Commissions have been formed this weekend to recall two of the state Democrat seditutionists from Wisconsin.

  6. Ziggy and Zoe says:

    Follow the money…

    • Uncle Stever says:

      Follow tha munny? I sorry I prawduck of teecha unium pubic educaken..

      *************SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!***********
      Dems are TRYING EVERYTHING to divert attention from the unions….
      Yesterday Harry Reid and Vegas Hookers, today Obama and Gay marriage, before this Army recruitment.

      Democrats are fighting by tactics, Tea party are fighting by logistics. and thats how wars a won regardless of a the outcome of a few odd battles.

      Democrat union money laundry machine of diverting hard working Americans tax dollars is going to be a thing of the past by this summer…

      *****Half Baked Boston bean and Brown Shirts****
      Sometimes it’s necessary to get out on the streets and “get a little bloody,” a Massachusetts Democrat said Tuesday in reference to labor battles in Wisconsin. Rep. Michael Capuano (D-Mass.) fired up a group of union members in Boston reported by “TheHill” today…

      Democrats the party of slavery and seditionists. They abandoned the oaths of office to the US and state constitutions. Denying Democratic process in state legislatures. Now one is calling for open insurrection and violence against their fellow citizens.

      Well get great great grand pappies blue coat out of the cedar trunk.. Them Johnny Reb Democrat Seditionists are at it again… And lock up your women folk Bill Clinton may be with’m…..

      • Neal Norvell says:

        At least the Republicans don’t have a Democrat on tape repaying political favors to donors by sucking his Koch.

      • Zig Zoe says:

        Well, if that is what you got from a public education then your state should have given the teachers better benefits.

        Your deflection is priceless… Fair and Balanced… and laughable…

      • Gayle Gerard says:

        Clearly, you have confused the word “Dems: with Fascist Republicans.

      • Fight the Right says:

        republicans would reestablish slavery in a HEARTBEAT if they knew that the rest of the civilized world wouldn’t take action.

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