Oscar Writes A Petition

Oscar:  I’m gonna write a petition against the unions.

MacIntosh:  How does it start?

Oscar:  “Whereas the unions get a bunch of benefits but make no contribution whatsoever…”

MacIntosh:  What about the 40 hour week?

Oscar:  What’s that.?

MacIntosh:  Employers used to force workers to work 60 to 80 hours a week but the unions made them change.  That’s why we have weekends…and overtime.

Oscar:  Those are nice things.  I’ll put that in the petition so everyone knows about it.

MacIntosh:  What about worker safety?

Oscar:  The unions did that too?

MacIntosh:  Yep. Employers would shave costs by ignoring the safety of their workers and lots of people were maimed or died. The unions used their power to force employers to provide safe working conditions.

Oscar:  That’s a good thing huh MacIntosh.  I better put that in the petition too.

MacIntosh:  What about paid holidays and sick time?

Oscar:  Everybody has them things.

MacIntosh:  Now they do….but it was the unions that fought to get those benefits in the first place.

Oscar:  OK…I better put that in the petition.  What else did theys do that should be in my petition?

MacIntosh:  They forced employers to quit hiring little kids, they secured health benefits to protect workers if they get sick, they created pension plans so people could retire without being poor.

Oscar:  Wow.  That’s nice for union peoples but what about everyone else?

MacIntosh:  The benefits union people fought and sometimes died for became common benefits for all of our workers.

Oscar:  Howse did that happen?

MacIntosh:  Employers that wanted good workers had to compete with union wages and benefits.

Oscar:  Do we still need unions?

MacIntosh:  More than ever.  Unions need to stand up and protect American workers from having their jobs shipped overseas.  Without the unions, the worker is powerless and the employers can do to them anything they want.  With all this unemployment they will give everyone minimum wage and by the time the Republicans are finished there won’t be a minimum wage either.

Oscar:  Whats if paying your workers fairly makes you uncompetitive.

MacIntosh:  Then your business will fail and be replaced by companies that find ways to do both.

Oscar:  And that’s the American way, huh MacIntosh.  We should not squish workers rights to support peoples that can’t manage properly.

MacIntosh:  Did you get all that written down for your petition?

Oscar:  I’m writin’ a different petition.

MacIntosh:  What’s the new one say?

Oscar:  We should recall the governor of Wisconsin.




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5 Responses to Oscar Writes A Petition

  1. Kalea says:

    UB8UUy Real brain power on display. Thanks for that answer!

  2. Ziggy and Zoe says:

    Cheers to the Canines!

  3. Marisa Hewitt says:

    MacIntosh & Oscar are my sunshine on a cloudy day! Thanks a million!

  4. uncle Stever (Son of A. Bunker) says:

    Force safe working conditions… Its the fucking government employee unions… They are covered by Civil law and regulations… ROFL… A bunch of teachers and Clerks.. Hell they can’t even get a paper cut its all digital…

    Boys Yoo whoooo Unions protect jobs from being shipped overseas… Well hate to tell yah.. not only has that ship but a whole god damn fleet sailed years ago…. We don’t make a damn thing except debt, I will be damned if I can figure out how we can export that… Maybe Obama can apologize to us for a change… Change what change brother can you spare a dine….

    Recall? Wisconsin? Yah two recalls under way for two dumocrat senators right now…

    Looks lika that a billa willa bea passa

    • Zig Zoe says:

      Gloria had a sex change?

      Archie was a Union man or do you not remember your classic TV?

      Wow, the hatred you have for the middle class is staggering… your wealthy masters taught you well…

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