Oscar:  Howse come Republican peoples are wishin’ President Reagan would be the president again?

MacIntosh:  He’ll never make it past the primaries.

Oscar:  Howse come?  Them LOVES this guy.

MacIntosh:  Two problems.

Oscar:  Whats?

MacIntosh:  Number 1…he’s too moderate for the teabaggers.

Oscar:  And number 2?

MacIntosh:  He’s dead.

Oscar:  He must have gone to heaven.

MacIntosh:  Why do you say that?

Oscar:  Them peoples is lookin’ up to him.

MacIntosh:  That’s just nostalgia.

Oscar:  What’s nostalgia?

MacIntosh:  It’s like looking back at the past through a kaleidoscope.  All you can see are pretty patterns.

Oscar:  We should looks at the past to learn from the past, huh MacIntosh?

MacIntosh:  The Republicans are spinning the past so fast its hard to see it clearly.

Oscar:  Howse do they do that?

MacIntosh:  They say Reagan cut taxes and that saved the economy.

Oscar:  Did it?

MacIntosh:  It tripled the national debt and he had to raise taxes three times to prevent catastrophe.

Oscar:  Yikes.

MacIntosh:  They say Reagan stood up to terrorism.

Oscar:  Did he?

MacIntosh:  After hundreds of Marines were murdered by a terrorist he just packed up and left the area.

Oscar:  That’s smart.

MacIntosh:  Yeah…but it’s not what they remember.

Oscar:  Do they remember he deregulated the savings and loans?

MacIntosh:  Yep.  But they forget the savings and loans collapsed and we needed to spend $150 billion to bail them out.

Oscar:  They remember he tore down that wall, huh MacIntosh.

MacIntosh:  But they forget Gorbachev tore down that wall and now they want to build their own wall here.

Oscar:  Howse come they can’t see the past very good?

MacIntosh:  Hindsight might have 20-20 vision but nostalgia is blind as a bat.

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9 Responses to Nostalgia

  1. Uncle Stever says:

    Another thing about Lebanon….

    WE had left Lebanon, our mission was accomplished 100%… Battle Force Six Fleet (CTF-60) was in port Naples, and the Amphibious Task Force (CTF-61) had just arrived in the bay of Naples when Ariel Sharon acted like a god damn Nazi on the eastern front allowing the Sabra and Shatila massacre. Both task forces had been ordered back to Lebanon, ad along the way Battle Force Six Fleet had to deal with Gulf of Sidra during each transit. It was Iran who was behind the bombing a year later in Beirut and the attacks on the French forces. Did we leave yes it was to costly to try to provide a stabilizing base for Lebanon when Iran and Syria would be just over the border trying to destabilize the place. That was never our original mission…

    Regarding the original mission that was a fucking mistake. We should have let the Jews wipe the PLO off the god damn map..

    Jimmy Carter was responsible for Iran, it happened on his watch. 444 days hostages had been held, of that 205 days I was on GONZO station off Iran. Carter was a walking cluster fuck, ships couldn’t sail, planes couldn’t fly. We lost more planes and lives than to hostile action because of poor material condition and lack of funding by Carter…

    Egypt will not be a repeat of Iran, rather another Lebanon i the Army can’t hold it together… There is no god damn freedom in the middle east there never has been in Islamic countries. Recent poll in Egypt has over 75% of the population favoring Sharia law. The only organized opposition is a fundamental islamic organization which has spawned such as OBL. Obama is another walking cluster fuck, who would have thought 30 years to the month of the Iranian crisis, Obama would have lost Turkey, Lebanon, and Egypt..

    • dwelchnz says:

      Why do conservatives hate freedom so much?

      • Ziggy and Zoe says:

        They don’t hate freedom….they hate your freedom.

      • Uncle Stever says:

        Actually Ziggy you hate anyone who disagrees with your views as all liberals and socialists thinking yours is the true and enlightened path… I consider the articles not merely biased but bigoted at times.. Antisemitic also.. Rhetoric in keeping communists, nazis, Islamic radicals and those Americans who hate their nation…

      • Ziggy and Zoe says:

        I don’t hate anyone who disagree with my viewpoints…I like well-thought out viewpoints whether they agree with me or not. Like I told you before, the world is not a black and white one….it is not always agree/disagree. From what you have written I can see you do not have the mindset to grasp that concept.

        I do dislike stereotypical, misguided and ignorant statements. Keep up the good work!

  2. Uncle Stever says:

    Reagan broke the Soviet backs on arms.

    Two Christian Presidents
    Ronald Reagan – Never met a dictator he didn’t despise
    Jimmy Carter – Never met a dictator he didn’t disliked.

    Jimmy Carter the incompetent son of a bitch who is more responsible for global terrorism and nuclear proliferation in the hands of despotic regimes than anyone else in history.

  3. Uncle Stever says:

    Our war on terror began with Iranian hostage crisis, and Beirut…
    The central source for regional instability has always been Iran and concurrent administration and regional powers to properly deal with it.

    Fully remember Lebanon I was there… and Iran, and Gulf of Sidra, and Syrian Missile Crisis, and Operation Earnest Will, and Gulf I.

  4. I was just talking about this delusional nostalgia. Fox News has this orgiastic love affair with the man that is just unreasonable. They all make their “O” face every time Reagan is even mentioned. Thanks for your hilarious doggy-rendering of the truth.

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