New Head Bastard in Egypt

Oscar:  Hillary Clinton says she likes Suleiman in Egypt

MacIntosh:  That means we have selected him to be POTUS in Egypt.

Oscar:  I thought that meant President of the United States.

MacIntosh:  In Egypt it means Persecution, Oppression, Torture Under Servitude to America.

Oscar:  Is he qualified?

MacIntosh:  Excellent credentials.  He’s been the CIA’s man in Cairo for 20 years and was the go-to guy for the Clintons when they started doing renditions.

Oscar:  Renditions?

MacIntosh:  Yeah….that’s where you get around our laws against torture by sending them to another country where they will torture them for us.  It’s a way to outsource a Complete Lack of Morality.

Oscar:  Did Bush do it too.

MacIntosh:  Yep…same reason.

Oscar:  Yikes.  And Suleiman made sure somebody tortured peoples Clinton and Bush didn’t like.

MacIntosh:  Better yet…he likes to do it himself.

Oscar:  So he’s got hands-on experience?

MacIntosh:  Yep.  One guy who turned out not to be a terrorist, an Aussie national named Mamdouh Habib, reported he had a little T Party with Suleiman where he was hung by a hook, electrocuted, immersed in water up to his nostrils, his fingers were broken and other things we shouldn’t mention here.

Oscar:  So he’s very thorough.  Did he gives up any information?

MacIntosh:  He didn’t have any information but he had to give them something so he finally confessed to buggering a kangaroo.

Oscar:  That’s embarrassing.

MacIntosh:  Yeah but he kept his fingernails.  Another guy named Al Libi wasn’t as lucky.

Oscar:  What happened to him?

MacIntosh:  He was also given a T Party and he told Suleiman that Al Queda was training people in Iraq.

Oscar:  Which is what Colin Powell told the U.N.

MacIntosh:  But when they released him he said he only said that so they would quit torturing him.

Oscar:  But Bush used the information anyway.

MacIntosh:  Yep.  Then Suleiman flew over to Libya where Al Libi was recovering and by the time he left Al Libi was dead.

Oscar:  So he dots his I’s and crosses his Tees.

MacIntosh:  Great reputation.  In the mideast people say if you want information send them to Jordan, if you want to punish someone send them to Syria, if you want someone to disappear send them to Egypt.

Oscar:  And this is the guy we think should lead Egypt’s transition to freedom?

MacIntosh:  He’s our guy.

Oscar:  Sounds like a bastard to me.

MacIntosh:  But he’s our bastard.



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17 Responses to New Head Bastard in Egypt

  1. seksrandki says:

    I spent last 3 hours reading your articles ! And must say: awseome website ! !
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  2. Ziggy and Zoe says:

    Passive/aggressive conservatism extremely amusing…

  3. Uncle Stever says:

    US has failed over a number of administrations dealing with the middle-east.
    Carter needed to prevent ayatollah kolmani from returning and not leaving a political vacuum as Eisenhower did with Cuba.

    We need to get our own house in order to effectively move ahead in State, Intelligence, Defense…
    Egypt is a royal cluster, we are highly damaged by the constant shifting of positions from the various talking heads and the complete failure of our intelligence head Clapper…

    Obama needs to shake up his advisor and intelligence team… Clapper needs to go yesterday… The guy is head of the worlds most blotted intelligence group in the world and doesn’t have a clue to the largest arrest in the UK of terrorists happened, public stating the Muslim brotherhood is secular, and he received most of his information from the papers???

    Our middle-east intelligence failures are directly related to the Clinton administration with moving from human intelligence to technology.. we are still decades from recovery on this.. Bob Torricelli is personally responsible for pushing the President Clinton down that path in 1995. Surprisingly President Bush did little to correct this following 911 intelligence failures..
    GO figure…

    Obama wants to try to strengthen the UN, Bush side lined the place.. Both positions are correct in that the UN is absolutely useless… We just need to go in one direction full force..

    We have a complete breakdown in handling classified materials as evident with he wiki leaks. These gross lacks in security would never have been permitted had procedures been maintained in the few years following John Walker espionage case. Military is hiring the wrong people in leadership positions. Close to 90 officers have been relieved of command in the Navy alone… We have to many managers and not leaders…

    On the external front we do not projected continuity with our allies, we can not be trusted. Whether from the middle-east or Europe..
    Obama lack of foreign policy experience caused a great deal of damage on the world stage… While many not all of decisions maybe correct he did a great of them unilaterally. Americas staunch allies in Europe are the eastern states he made strategic decisions without consultations as equals under the NATO charter. He provided top secret information of the UK’s nuclear deterrent to the Russians. His his failure handling of Egypt resulted in a very public rebuke by Saudi Arabia and a warning they would take over. Israel also has spoken out and relayed to our allies in the region we can’t be trusted.

    The US is dealing with world leaders who are allied with us for decades some of these leaders have known and supported numerous administrations. Queen Elizabeth has known every President since Roosevelt.

    The one saving grace out of all of this is the Egyptian Army…
    I don’t know if they will be able to hold it together in order to properly manage the “PR” war and have a new government in place within 6 – 12 months.. 60/40 are my odds..

    Mubarak maybe correct when he spoke to the Israeli’s on Thursday. This is going to spread throughout the middle-east radical Islamic forces are going to exploit this and fill the vacuum.

    With Warsaw collapse we sent vast groups of advisors to assist those smaller countries, but we didn’t do the same for Russia. That was Bush 41 mistake letting them sink or swim on their own…
    That was Carter’s mistake not exploiting Iran and sitting back
    That was Eisenhower’s mistake not supporting the people in cuba and allowing Castro to come in…

    We have to be engaged, we can’t sit by the sidelines.

    Now with Bush / Obama it was interesting on aid funding for Egypt. It decreased under Bush, then we had major increases under Obama. This in my view was Bush playing bad cop and Obama playing good cop trying to push for a earlier change in Egypt…

    But its the middle-east and you are dealing with Islam and a tribal peoples.

  4. Uncle Stever says:

    Strategically our carriers are obsolete within the next decade…?

    Yes and no.. The development of carrier killer missiles isn’t anything new. the old Soviet ships carried huge missiles the size of oil trailers on their decks to nuke carrier battle groups (MOD Kashin, Slava, Oscar etc…). We had no way of defense against them expect preemptive strikes. Thats the command and control component… China is well into current state of the at command and control.
    US is also abandoning long-term allies for weak political scores as with the recent Start treaty, and missile defense of Europe..
    China also controls about 95% of the worlds critical mineral rights and has establish strategic stockpiles.

    Oil is more critical for the US and the moderate middle-east nations since this provides the basis of their economic state. Moderate middle-east nations are highly Dependant on oil revenue to support social programs and maintain their power base.

    A nation such as Iran who has existed under embargo for decades could handle a abrupt shutdown of the gulf then the Saudi’s

  5. Uncle Stever says:

    I don’t think Egyptian Army will be able to maintain its control for a smooth transition…
    60/40 odds at best…

    Good chance of a major confrontation in the region with possible nuclear exchange within two years…

    For the US…
    There are a number of geo-political forces at play, when your looking at nations on a region / theater level. One must also search and assess other activities by other powers in the region, those relationships with us, their own national geo-political goals, and effects on us overall

    China and Russia, and India are also trying to effect the outcome in this region as well as puppet states such as Venezuela, Cuba, Syria.

    A destabilized is a desired since chaos affords opportunity to profit and make substantial gains geo-politically and economically during a 24 month crisis lets say…

    The biggest threat to anything right now is the US Dollar..
    If IMF follows with China/Russia on currency and the US is dropped as world reserves over the next 24 months. We are marginalized without a major military conflict… We are relegated to a post WWII Britain in respect as the world shifted from the pound.

    US doesn’t have the revenue base to support its governmental programs nor invest in research and infrastructure. Whether domestic public projects nor military procurement.

    Economic collapse of manufacturing base is the long term weakness for America added by social programs to compensate for this loss. For military and political projection around the world depends on US desired presence in any region. If no desire is there then we don’t need carrier battle groups.. If a desire is to maintain a strategic presence then resources are required.

    The cost of this global war has crippled our national defenses we are much like Vietnam in that all of our resources to upgrade our forces has been expended.. Our new destroyers Zumwalt class, F22 raptures, and other platforms to replace our aging designs many going back over 30 years in technology has been canceled.

    We have a very very limited amount of personnel and resources compared to cold war levels. We are unable to counter multi-theater war. Terrorism war is having a desired effect on us by China, and Russia. Diverting resources and personnel from other issues.

    Russia and China which both have extremely close ties to Iran and its nuclear programs are also causing stability issues within S. America and Caribbean.

    I see odds in favor of a major conflict within 10 years between Israel and Iran. Iran will also use proxy forces in Lebanon, Syria and Egypt.

    Desired effect by Russia China and India is to suffiently weaken the US both strategically that NATO and PAC RIM alliances and economically to avoid a conflict and to expand their respective footprint in the middle east with these Axis islamic states.

  6. Uncle Stever says:

    Additional undermining of Israels sovereignty

    It is Zero-Sum

    Only Egypt and Jordon have established peace treaties with Israel… Moderate countries have a no engagement public policy with Israel , and hard liners Iran, Syria, Hezekiah, Hamas, Libya seeks Israels complete destruction…

  7. Uncle Stever says:

    Red Green Alliance

    What is happening the Middle-East

    • dwelchnz says:

      A good read. Despite the title, the content captures a process of legitimizing the Palestinian and Muslim causes, all within a realm of full participation and engagement in political and social structures in Britain. It certainly puts the lie to the notion that muslim=terrorism. That Israel perceives these actions as a deligitimizing of Israel is just further evidence that Israel sees the whole thing as a zero sum game.

  8. Uncle Stever says:

    I got question how come you now give a fart about Egypt? You didn’t give a crap about Iran’s green protest movement.?

    O Yah you said this is a American political blog LOL…

    You great Messiah out done Jimmy “I never met a despotic Dictator I didn’t like Carter. Yah Baby Obama lost Egypt, Turkey, and Lebanon… Unrest in Jordon…
    What a cluster fuck…..

    Lest one good thing happened Pelosi is flying commercial

  9. Uncle Stever says:

    Obama and camp need to keep their fucking mouths shut….

  10. Uncle Stever says:

    Better to be our Bastard than their Bastard…..

    Welcome to the real world you citizens of Never Never Land ROFL

    • dwelchnz says:

      Why do conservatives hate freedom so much?

      • Uncle Stever says:

        Bullshit… Conservatives are champions of freedom… Unlike liberals who don’t give a fucking damn about liberty unless its their own self righteous narrow views of the world..

        What you think you can impose you values on Arabs? Not going to happen.

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