Forcible Rape

Oscar:  Them Republicans are sure workin’ hard.

MacIntosh:  Yep…proposing bills right and right.

Oscar:  Is they solving the problems of the peoples?

MacIntosh:  The number one issue for the majority of people is jobs.

Oscar:  Whats the number two issue?

MacIntosh:  Jobs.

Oscar:  So is they tryin’ to create jobs.

MacIntosh:  There are over 20 separate bills in the house to kill Health Care.

Oscar:  Wills that create jobs?

MacIntosh:  Nope…it will add a gazillion to the deficit.

Oscar:  Wow.

MacIntosh:  Boehner says his highest priority is passing the ‘No Taxpayer Funding For Abortion Bill’.

Oscar:  Whats will that do?

MacIntosh:  It redefines rape as forcible rape so a girl has to get beat up to get an abortion if her rapist impregnates her.

Oscar:  Whats if they drug her?

MacIntosh:  Tough shit.

Oscar:  Quarter in the jar.  Whats if an old guy makes an underage girl haves sex.

MacIntosh:  If she understands Republicans she’ll demand the guy beat her first.

Oscar:  Maybes they could hire a guy to beats them up.

MacIntosh:  Why would they do that?

Oscar:  It’s a new job.

MacIntosh:  Good idea.

Oscar:  So what else is the Republicans proposin’?

MacIntosh:  Down in Georgia a state rep wants to eliminate driver’s licenses.

Oscar:  And we could gives jobs to people to tear up and burn all them old licenses.

MacIntosh:  Yep.  In South Dakota they have proposed a law to make it mandatory for all people to own guns.

Oscar:  And that’s will create jobs for gun manufacturers and dealers plus lots of new work for morticians and police peoples.

MacIntosh:  Yep.

Oscar:  So what else is Republicans doin’ to create jobs?

MacIntosh:  Nothing…they don’t know how.  They are not the job creators.

Oscar:  Who is?

MacIntosh:  The rich people they give all the tax breaks to.

Oscar:  Howse do they create jobs?

MacIntosh:  They take their extra money and build factories in India and China and their children buy cocaine which creates jobs for growers all over the world.

Oscar:  Isn’t that like rapin’ the American peoples?

MacIntosh:  Yep.  But we elected them so its not forcible rape.



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3 Responses to Forcible Rape

  1. oscar and macintosh's mom says:

    boyz….your language is shocking. from now on it’s fifty cents in the jar, which will go towards a puppy training course in obedience…which will help at least one person have a job.

  2. Uncle Stevier says:

    Job’s what the hell do liberals care about jobs as long as the union bosses get theirs..

    BTW healthcare rates going up to 60% in Socialist Peoples Republic of Kalifornya..

    Nice… Of course if your one of the 200 companies who pay protection to the Messiah Obama you get a waver… Nice….

    Jobs, Jobs, Democrats dot give a fucking damn about jobs…. NADA in the last two years… Just mental masterbation socialist pinko crap out of Pelosi and Reid..

    How about the money loser Washington Capital green program of the “Former” speaking yet another money Loser LOL…

    Yah no need to waste time on healthcare in the house… Just don’t fund it… move on its unconstitutional anyway…

    • Ziggy and Zoe says:

      The destruction of the unions, manufacturing sector and the middle class has been the result of deconstruction/deregulation/supply side economic theory.

      It is sad that a sizable group of people like yourself have bought into the propaganda espoused by the elite class in this country.

      We should promote the protection of jobs. We should have healthcare for all Americans. We should have a better education system. But we do not make these investments in our people (our country)…instead Americans have bought into selfish, unpatriotic individualism that has separated and weakened us all. This separation has made the wealthier/powerful much more wealthy and powerful while screwing the rest of America over.

      Uncle Stevier, your comments are typical and banal. They are just sad reminders the direction and mindset of some groups in this country.

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