Bachmann Overdrive

Oscar:  Howse come peoples is talkin’ about Michelle Bachmann?

MacIntosh:  They scraped off her makeup and found Jimmy Hoffa under there.

Oscar:  I thought that was Tammy Fay Baker.

MacIntosh: Oh…you’re right.  Maybe they gave Michelle a brain scan and found nothing under there.

Oscar:  But really MacIntosh…..peoples is talkin’ about her.

MacIntosh:  She’s giving a speech tonight after FLOTUS and SCOTUS watch POTUS give the SOTU.

Oscar:  That’s sounds contagious.  Who is POTUS giving the SOTU to.

MacIntosh:      First, Obama, cuz he’s the president and everything, gives a speech about the State of the Union.

Oscar:  Yippee.

MacIntosh:  Then the Republicans, cuz they are the Opposition, give a speech about what they think about the state of the union.

Oscar:  That’s fair.

MacIntosh:  Then Michelle Bachmann gives a speech.

Oscar:  What’s her speech about?

MacIntosh:  The tentative title is “Thirteen Lies I Like To Tell Over And Over.”

Oscar:  That’s catchy.

MacIntosh:  Yep.  Politifact says they have been asked to investigate 13 statements of fact from Bachmann and all 13 have been lies.

Oscar:  Howse come she gets to give a speech.

MacIntosh:  She’s the Captain of the teabagger team.

Oscar:  Is she the quarterback?

MacIntosh:  Wide receiver.  Some people have suggested CNN cut the audio every time she tells a lie.

Oscar:  Will theys do that?

MacIntosh:  Can’t.  People tuning in would think it’s a mute ventriloquist act.



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