Happy Next Year


Oscar:  Happy Next Year MacIntosh!

MacIntosh:  You mean Happy New Year.

Oscar:  But…..isn’t this year right now?

MacIntosh:  Sure.

Oscar:  And after right now is Next?

MacIntosh:  Yep…but

Oscar:  So it’s Happy Next Year!!!!

MacIntosh:  Whatever.

Oscar:  You should have known that MacIntosh…you’re the smart one.

MacIntosh:  Sorry buddy.

Oscar:  Its OK MacIntosh.  We all make mistakes.

MacIntosh:  Uh….so who should be the Man and Woman of 2010?

Oscar:  The woman should be my Mom and the man should be my Dad.

MacIntosh:  Can you think of anyone else?

Oscar:  No way, hoe-zay.  I always vote for the hands that feed me.

MacIntosh:  I like Christine O’Donnell for woman of the year.

Oscar:  She will be hard to beat cuz she brought so much joy.

MacIntosh:  Yep…my favorite was the mice with human brains.

Oscar:  “I AM NOT A WITCH”  !!!!

MacIntosh:  Yep…she’ll be hard to beat.

Oscar:  Howse about Man of the Year?

MacIntosh:  My first choice would be Ann Coulter but her/his gender is still in question.

Oscar:  The Adam’s Apple?

MacIntosh:  Yep.

Oscar:  I thinks Alvin Green is a no-brainer.

MacIntosh:  Exactly…hard to top a guy that runs for Congress facing a sex charge.  What about someone with a brain?

Oscar:  Mmmmm…that’s tough.  Gotta rule out any Republican…

MacIntosh:  Check.

Oscar:  No teabaggers.

MacIntosh:  Check.

Oscar:  No one on the foxes channel.

MacIntosh:  Check.

Oscar:  My favorite has a ladies name but he’s the best man I know.

MacIntosh:  Who is that?

Oscar:  Dolly Lama.

MacIntosh:  Good choice…I’ll go with him.

Oscar: So from my heart and Mac’s brain…

MacIntosh:  We wish you a Happy Next Year.



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4 Responses to Happy Next Year

  1. oscar and macintosh's mom says:

    so true…the heart and brain of our family…oscar and macintosh….we are just
    the hands that feed them – happy next year to one and all….i’m sure macintosh and oscar
    will have plenty to say about it all!

  2. Uncle Stever says:

    Only witch know of is the wicked witch of the west Nancy Pelosi..

    Another Schmuck appointment – http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/12/30/gop-fuming-recess-appointment-lawyer-compared-drug-trade/

    Happy New Year to all down under in the land of hobbits!

  3. Bob Chase says:

    Happy New Year to all of you!
    Bob & Anne

  4. steve says:

    Happy new year!

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