99 Weeks

Oscar:  Are you thinkin’ ‘bout Christmas?

MacIntosh:  Kind of.  I’m thinking about the 99ers.

Oscar:    Whose them?

MacIntosh:  The people that lost unemployment benefits last month because congress would not extend it further.

Oscar:  Howse come?

MacIntosh:  The Republicans said we had to chose between helping people eat or cutting taxes for our richest citizens.

Oscar:   So they chose the rich people?

MacIntosh:  Yep.  They demonized the 99ers…said they were deadbeats that did not want to work.

Oscar:  Cuz theys livin’ high on $200 a week?

MacIntosh:  They chose to lose billions by cutting inheritance taxes for our 6600 richest set of trust fund babies.

Oscar:  People that have never worked and will never have to work?

MacIntosh:  Yep.  And their children will never work and their children’s children will never work.

Oscar:  That’s sad MacIntosh.  I hopes Santy Claus brings lots of nice stuff for the 99ers and their families.

MacIntosh:  Me too.

Oscar:  Ifs Santy brings me two things I could give one of thems to the 99ers.

MacIntosh:  That could help.

Oscar:  But I get to pick which one.

MacIntosh:  That’s fair.

Oscar:  Thinkin’ about the 99ers and other peoples that don’t have enough makes my hearts hurt.

MacIntosh:  Me too.

Oscar:  I thinks we should build a place in our hearts that’s safe for thems.

MacIntosh:  Like what?

Oscar:  Likes a beautiful mansion with a huge tree and lots of good food to eats.

MacIntosh:  Good idea.

Oscar:  And theys can have friends come over and they will bes laughin’.

MacIntosh:  Great.

Oscar:  And on Christmas morning their little children will finds stuff they really likes that Santa brought.

MacIntosh:  Yeah.

Oscar:  And their moms and dads will find a super special present from Santy Claus.

MacIntosh:  Like what?

Oscar:  Jobs.


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4 Responses to 99 Weeks

  1. oscar and macintosh's mom says:

    it’s good to care about others….at christmas and all through the year. thanks for reminder boyz.

  2. Uncle Stever says:

    Both inherited absolutely dismal economies.

    One of the things Reagan did was modernize the military. This created huge growth in the industrial sectors, research and new technologies which would eventually spin off to the entire civilian sector. Now the reason for the Reagan buildup really goes back Vietnam, the funds intended during this period to maintain and modernize the forces was pissed away in SE Asia.

    Could Obama have done something similar instead of the stimulus plan? Yes and no, Obama focused a bit to much of relief and not on reconstruction of the economy with the funding.

    What was expanded was existing bureaucracy, I would argue reduce and consolidate duplicate practices, and oversight within the various departments, and those savings use for hard dollars in private industry sector…

    Cutting back of NASA was foolish mistake by Obama, nothing stimulated American Industry since WWII was the Mercury through Apollo programs. Spin-offs from these programs contributed to ending the cold war through military DARPA and back again to the dot.com period with civilian sector. We have no longer term heavy lift platform, nor realistic long-term goals for this agency other than performing some lovefeast to the Islamic world..

  3. Uncle Stever says:




    Uncle Stever’s assessment:

    Both parties playing politics with those most in need…
    Republicans want to find the funding, fine they accomplished this with the 911 medical bill, do another and shift funds from pork..

    White House (Gibbs) says the President is focused on creating jobs when asked about the 99ers. That’s lame since he said the same thing about jobs and the prior to his election, and during the past two years which is a joke..

    Pelosi ran the house, she adjourned the house and could have very easily brought this out of committee…

    Coldest FUCKING winter on record, people need relief, clothing, food,fuel. What does the White House do institute regulations with this PONZI scam of carbon emissions limits on energy and gas refineries which will only exacerbate the economy.

    I can’t believe anyone would vote for those individuals in both parties…




    Here are a few good NGO’s which one can donate this season..

    If your not willing to give you shouldn’t complain…. Your part of the problem and not part of the solution……….

    Once you give, I expect you to contact your local Congressional offices and demand action……

    If you have the time volunteer

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