Lame Ducks and Limp Dicks

Oscar:  Uncle Steve says we gots a limp duck congress.

MacIntosh:  I think you mean lame duck.

Oscar:  Whats a lame duck?

MacIntosh:  It’s a bird that can’t fly….a congress without any mojo.

Oscar:  I thinks this ones limp….like hardly breathing type of limp.

MacIntosh:  Actually the House is showing a little spine.

Oscar:  Ifs you gots spine are you limp or lame.

MacIntosh:  Lame…the Democrats have decided they don’t want Obama’s tax sellout deal to come to a vote.

Oscar:  Whats will that do?

MacIntosh:  They can renegotiate the deal.

Oscar:  Like a reset button.

MacIntosh:  Exactly…only this time we can pick a better negotiator.

Oscar:  Which negotiator did Obama use?

MacIntosh:  It was either Biden or a hooker they picked up on 41st Street.

Oscar:  Would it make a difference?

MacIntosh:  The hooker would have cut a better deal.

Oscar:  Is Obama a lame duck?

MacIntosh:  Not exactly.

Oscar:  Is Obama a limp duck?

MacIntosh:  You’re getting closer.

Oscar:  Is Obama a limp….

MacIntosh: I think you are searching for the word ‘dick’

Oscar:  That’s not very nice MacIntosh.  Obama has done some great things too.

MacIntosh:   You’re right.  But this a major miss.  It adds gazillions to the deficit and people are outraged that the rich are not paying their share.  He negotiated with the Republicans but not the members of his own party.

Oscar:  He didn’t listen to what his own peoples wanted?

MacIntosh:  Nope.  The Bush tax cut for the rich, even the inheritance tax will continue.  He didn’t get any help for the people that have been unemployed long term.  We will be throwing people in need on the streets so Paris Hilton can buy a new Bentley… and adding to the deficit when we don’t need to.

Oscar:  That’s lame MacIntosh.

MacIntosh:  No…that’s limp.

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4 Responses to Lame Ducks and Limp Dicks

  1. Uncle Stever says:

    have you actually examined what the figures are on higher tax rate will deliver relief to the national deficit? Nada..

    I got a suggestion how about a smaller federal government… Novel idea..

  2. Uncle Stever says:

    Whats ignored is SMB market share, those small businesses which are the economic engine of America which will get relief and able to hire. Yah agree with you assessment of Paris, we need to do a better job in separating the SMB / Farmers etc from the Paris Hilton types.

  3. Uncle Stever says:

    Well, I think the spoiled brats in congress and the white house are going to have to learn to play together when the new congress arrives. Which is a good thing…

    Not good to have anyone party in sole power… Dad always liked a Republican President and a Democrat Congress.. But he lived when both parties share common background with the depression and WWII.

    Both parties are so partisan, and reflect little common sense that its a good thing the bullies have to learn to play together for the next two years…

    Obama had a good honeymoon, more successful than most in the first two years…

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