A Question of Leadership

Oscar:  Howse come Obama wore that tuxedo to his press conference?

MacIntosh:  He said if he was going to be impotent he wanted to look impotent.

Oscar:  Whys did Obama gives them tax cuts to peoples that are already rich?

MacIntosh:    He said the GOP were holding the unemployed hostage.

Oscar:  Yikes…there is a lot of unemployed peoples.

MacIntosh:  Yep…millions.

Oscar:  Howse come Obama couldn’t find wheres they was holding them hostage and make them free again?

MacIntosh:  No…the GOP wouldn’t approve of unemployment benefits unless Obama agreed to feed the greed of rich people.

Oscar:  What did most peoples want?

MacIntosh:  They wanted to help the unemployed and eliminate the tax cuts for the rich.

Oscar:  But…but..

MacIntosh:  But Obama said he had no choice given the circumstances.

Oscar:  So whats will the GOP do next?

MacIntosh:  Now that they know Obama will cave to extortion?

Oscar:  Yep.

MacIntosh:  They could threaten to eliminate Medicare unless we attack Iran.

Oscar:  That would make Obama a-scared.

MacIntosh:  They could close all the schools unless we make every child recite Christian prayers out loud.

Oscar:  Obama would be tremblin’ with that one.

MacIntosh:  They could say they would kill every latino in America unless we build a wall a gazillion miles high at the border.

Oscar:  And that fraidy cat Obama would build the wall huh MacIntosh?

MacIntosh:  Yep.  A reporter asked him if he had any lines in the sand.

Oscar:  Whats did he say?

MacIntosh:  He said he couldn’t answer that question until he checked in with Mitch McConnell.

Oscar:  Wasn’t there anything Obama could do about the unemployed?

MacIntosh:  Lots of things he could have done.

Oscar:  Likes what?

MacIntosh:  It could have said he had to hold the line on taxes and he needed everybody that agreed to do everything they could to help the unemployed who would suffer.

Oscar:  Likes what?

MacIntosh:  Like take food and clothing to the nearest Democratic Party office where people in need could pick them up.

Oscar:  And lots of people would have been happy to do that.

MacIntosh:  Like make room in their houses or garages to house people that were being attacked by the GOP.

Oscar:  Yippee.

MacIntosh:  The media would have loved it and it would clearly demonstrate how the GOP is in the pocket of the rich.

Oscar:  Hooooray for the peoples.

MacIntosh:  He could have…you know…shown some courage and leadership.

Oscar:  The whole thing makes me sad MacIntosh.

MacIntosh:  Me too, Oscar.  Me too.

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8 Responses to A Question of Leadership

  1. Uncle Stever says:

    Yah well Congress is figuring out how to pay for it, by not spending what we don’t have, the defeat of the omnibus is a walk in the right direction…. What a bunch overloaded crap in a bill by both parties. Now they have a 2 month extension and can pass a budget first of next year. Something those in Democratic (party of sedition) party ignored until after elections, can’t even follow their own laws passed in 1974 regarding budgets…

    But your going to blame the Republicans as the cause the Democrats are truly the “immaculate conception”..

    Vote Liberation…

  2. Uncle Stever says:

    Yes taxes are the answer to everything, Employment, Recession, Global Warming LOL

    • Ziggy and Zoe says:

      Tax breaks for everyone! We will figure out how to pay for everything later… better yet, get rid of all the programs…those lazy Americans have been sponging off of the wealthiest group for waaaaaaaaay too long!

  3. Uncle Stever says:

    Outgoing White House economic adviser Larry Summers warned Wednesday that failure to pass a new tax cut compromise would significantly raise the risk of a double-dip recession.

    “To pass this bill in the next couple of weeks would materially increase the risk that the economy would stall out and we would have a double dip,” he told reporters at the White House.

  4. Ziggy and Zoe says:

    We are hardly surprised he caved in. Actually we doubt he caved, he just did what the elites wanted from him. Obama is just another Third Way – Clintonian style politician. It only shows how far right our country has went over the past few decades.

    It would have been nice to see him stand up to the Republicans. He could have shown much more resolve and made the Republicans look extremely bad but so much for resolve.

    We are still hopeful. Cloning technology is making strides daily. We are hoping they can clone FDR…LBJ or even TR.

  5. Uncle Stever says:

    When in Command, Command……

    He still has a super majority in both houses not seen since Johnson era, he actually doesn’t need one Republican vote in the limp duck. If Obama really gave a shit about the economy his legislation agenda would have reflected this not in the limp duck…

    Unemployment was a given it was going to get passed anyway… We just don’t have any money to pay for it….

    the honeymoon is over, not can Obama be a success like Clinton or a looser like Carter… I think Carter….

    Boys America is bankrupt we don’t have the money…

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