McCain: No RINO…Just an Elephant

Oscar:  Dad says it looks like John McCain has gone round the bend.

MacIntosh:  Yep.  He’s lost the plot.

Oscar:  Whys did McCain go round the bend?

MacIntosh:  Too many Coors …too little integrity….who knows?

Oscar:  Whats did he do now?

MacIntosh:  He is adamant about keeping DADT despite the advice of our top military officers.

Oscar:  I thought he said we should follow theirs advice.

MacIntosh:  Only when that happens to coincide with what he wants.

Oscar:  Whys don’t he want to get rid of DADT.

MacIntosh:  He’s afraid they will repeal the senate version of DADT.

Oscar:  Theys got DADT in the Senate?

MacIntosh:  Sure…it’s the only way Senators can feel safe in the bathroom if Senator Craig from Idaho comes in.

Oscar:  The guy that likes to stick his little toes into your stall?

MacIntosh:  Yep.  And it keeps Senator Vitter from Louisiana from showing up on the senate floor in diapers.

Oscar:  Especially if he’s there to talk about family values.  Dad says it doesn’t matter what McCain says because he’s an elephant

MacIntosh:  An elephant?  I think you mean irrelevant.

Oscar:  I said elephant cuz I mean elephant.  He wants to be an elephant sos he won’t be a rhino.

MacIntosh:  Rhino?  I think you mean RINO …Republican In Name Only.

Oscar:  No…I says rhino cuz I means rhino.  You’re being a jackass MacIntosh.

MacIntosh:  Yep…. that’s the symbol for Democrats.

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9 Responses to McCain: No RINO…Just an Elephant

  1. Uncle Stever says:

    No rose glasses here I served under Carter nothing Rosie about that incompetent SOB.

    Ships couldn’t sail, planes couldn’t fly, we lost a lot of folks to neglect. Nothing Rosie about those days being spit on, shoved….

    Back then better treated in France, and Australia than any damn place in states while in uniform…

    The services today are far better….

  2. Former Goverment Issue says:

    Well being a Vet from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s it was an issue. There had been issues in regards to Heteral integration and STILL IS…

    I’m part of the “Old School” If you hadn’t been issued a spouse in BOOT CAMP you don’t need one, and regarding kids, its not important that your present at the launching (Birth), rather only at the keel laying (Conception).

    What I’m interested in hearing and I haven’t are actual talking points rather than tag lines between these various service chiefs…..
    Coast Guard, Navy Vs. Army, Air Force, Marines…..

    I like the old days when you went to sea to fight the godless dirty bastard commies, and when in port you got drunk, chased a few skirts, got in a fight, and next day on board ship you had a smoke and a cup of coffee and taled about the night before..

    Can’t do any of that anymore…
    Its a kinder gentler military now… Well “Let hold hands and sing “We are the F-ing world” and around the UN F-ing flag pole….

    • Ziggy and Zoe says:

      Now we can fight brown people with the wrong god, get drunk/pop speed, chase skirts/or pants (if so inclined), get into a fight, and talk about it the next day.

      Nostalgia wears rose colored glasses. The good old days weren’t all that good, nor are the current times all that bad…

      Z & Z

  3. Ziggy and Zoe says:

    Oy vey. Being a veteran from the 1990’s, the whole thing about DADT was a joke. Everyone knew who was gay/lesbian in the ranks, and we simply did not care. This should be non-issue, but some social conservatives will not let go of their homophobia.

    It does not affect “troop morale” or “troop cohesion”…no one gives a crap what the other person’s sexual orientation is. This just another contrived wedge issue like abortion, gay marriage and marijuana.

  4. Former Goverment Issue (GI) says:

    The new site is a screaming fast!

    On another thought the Military has more urgent concerns than homosex. They should focusing on COMSEC/OPSEC/SIGSEC and tighten down security with these security leaks.. It would never have been allowed in my day, obviously things have gotten WAY relaxed since the lock down after John Walker in the 1980’s. In my day you would have gotten your security clearance pulled, court marshall, and hard time if you ever thought about putting in a CD into government computer…. Security was so tight in my day it two signatures just to order toilet paper..

  5. dwelchnz says:

    The military chiefs have asked congress to repeal DADT now because they believe the courts will overturn it soon anyway. If congress repeals DADT it will give the military control of the implementation schedule…if the court orders declares it unconstitutional it will need to end immediately.

    The numbers you quote on personnel favor/not favor are about the same as the polls taken on whether blacks should be in the same units as whites back in the fifties and lower than the polls regarding women serving alongside men.

    DADT is social engineering…it artificially alters the normal mix and patterns of individuals found within our society.

    • Former Goverment Issue (GI) says:

      The Chiefs of the Army and Marines have issues with this change at the “smaller” unit levels. They have testified to this before Congress, The Chairman of the JCS doesn’t speak for the individual chiefs, each service branch has its own issues with any uniformed policy. Despite what the courts say, you can’t simply flip a switch and make it happen. Only thing the courts can achieve is stopping discharges. There is a great deal of regulations, policies, training, education programs and protocols all have to be put in place for a successful roll-out.

      While you wish to compare those numbers to racial integration of the fifties totally two entirely different things, you can’t equate this racial segregation, however you can use lessons learned to properly implement changes.

      “Yah another liberal progressive hero of the left democrat Wilson who segregated the services. ”

      You don’t know what was and is involved with women in the military either, it has been a disaster pushing women who aren’t ready into command. The last four female captains placed in command of Burke class destroyers, three had been relieved for cause, the fourth was given another command and later relieved for abuse of her crew awaiting court marshal.
      While other services have had great success in the unit integration. I’ve served along side and for many fine females in the military. Also saw a few royal cluster “F”‘s, but that’s with any service regardless of sex race or national origin.

      Obviously Women can’t serve in every capacity as men this had affected male personnel disproportionate duty rotations and retention in critical MOS/NEC fields, and has self corrected itself overtime during force realignments Some further self correcting in retiring older ships and facilities issues are resolved with new improved ship / facility designs.

      Social engineering screw ups – Jimmy Carter giving criminals a choice go to jail or join the military, or providing “career” drug and substance councilors. This was rectified under President Reagan with ‘Project Upgrade”.

      I frankly couldn’t grave a crap either way, its not my military I served in, nor is it my fathers and grandfathers… We have the finest and most highly trained and educated troops in our nations history. A higher education level than the civilian sector. If today’s generation serving wishes to have a broader secular social liberal makeup have at it, the main point is the overall mission and combat readiness in time of war of our armed forces.

      Sexual harassment doesn’t exist in the Army, its treated solely as sexual assault. Fraternization is forbidden among the ranks. Sexual misconduct undermines units readiness and effects manning levels with unplanned loses.
      Staffing ships, squadrons, divisions etc is done by planning in years based on recruitment, training, rotation, and retention. Unplanned loses causes units to be understaffed for over one to two years of critical skilled personnel.

      The military routinely discriminates, you can’t be color blind, you can’t be overweight, you have to maintain physical standards, no substance use etc… A whole long list all of which can mean separation from service, which in civilian world wouldn’t be tolerated. Hell you get a bad sun burn you can be charged with destruction of government property.

      Since your so for equalitiy in the military why don’t you write a letter campaign to the useless congress about paying a decent salary for our career personnel, Its a g_d damn disgrace military families qualify for need to apply for Food Stamps….

  6. Former Goverment Issue (GI) says:

    Its not unanimous among the Joint Chiefs about DADT repeal. if issues exist among the military which will effect operational requirements at the unit level then they should be addressed and not disregarded. Your dealing with 60-70% of personnel within the small combat units not in favor of change.

    There are far larger issues for the armed forces than “who is shagging who”, There’s to much frigging in the rigging going on anyway frankly. Congress can change the law and the military will carry out any such change, but its not as easy as flipping a light switch. In order to implement such changes will take a couple of years. Integration of females had been a mixed within DoD depending on the unique missions of the various branches.

    Military shouldn’t be used for social engineering experiments, it is there to fight and kill the enemy, not for peace keeping building bridges. The United States military isn’t a small – regional military garrisoned in their hometowns like European nations. Co-habitability requires are far different and reflect this in ship design, base housing, and unit makeup. The United States isn’t Sweden.

  7. Bob Chase says:

    Nice new website, guys! Keep up the good work.

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