Who Is Your DADT


Oscar: Them Republicans can’t spell MacIntosh.

MacIntosh: That’s easy… its M-A-C-I-N…

Oscar: No…they can’t even spell daddy.

MacIntosh: Really?

Oscar: Yep..they spell it DADT.

MacIntosh: That stands for Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

Oscar: Don’t ask what?

MacIntosh: Don’t ask if you’re gay.

Oscar: You can’t ask if someone’s gay?

MacIntosh: That’s right.

Oscar: Can you ask if they is happy?

MacIntosh: Yep.

Oscar: Can you ask if they had a nice day?

MacIntosh: Sure.

Oscar: Can you ask if they is joyous?

MacIntosh: Yes

Oscar: But you can’t ask if they is gay?

MacIntosh: That’s right.

Oscar: Why?

MacIntosh: Cuz they don’t want gays in the military.

Oscar: So there’s no gays in the military?

MacIntosh: Sure there are.

Oscar: But…but…if they don’t want gays in the military howse come they let them in the military.

MacIntosh: Cuz they need them to fight for their country.

Oscar: But…why should they fight for a country that don’t likes them?

MacIntosh: Don’t ask.


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4 Responses to Who Is Your DADT

  1. jonolan says:

    Your piss-poor attempt at humor is a failure. This is, at once, more fundamental and more complex than Liberal’s try at humor can can convey.

    Yes, there’s no reason to condone faggotry, but THAT DOESN’T MATTER. Irrespective of whether homosexuality is right,wrong, or none of the above, the 2nd Amendment supposedly guarantees that the right to bear arms in America’s defense shall not be infringed.

    Between your anti-Conservative, anti-Christian “jokes” think about that and what it requires.

    It does, in point of painful to many fact, require that they suborn their morality for the sake of our nation’s highest laws. That’s not an easy thing.

    • dwelchnz says:

      The repeal of DADT does nothing to infringe our 2nd amendment rights. The Bill of Rights is a assurance of rights which cannot be abused by the state.

      In terms of combat readiness or unit cohesion, the majority of the top military brass has asked congress to approve this repeal now before it is overturned in the court system…which they think is inevitable. A court reversal will mean the change has to be implemented immediately…a congressional edict will give the military time to make the changes in an orderly fashion.

      • jonolan says:

        We’ve failed to communicate. NOT allowing homosexuals to serve openly in the military infringes upon the 2nd Amendment since it abrogates their constitutional right to bear arms in the national defense.

        • dwelchnz says:

          Well, I haven’t heard that particular argument before but I do agree with it. It seems clear at this point the courts will overturn DADT based on constitutional issues and this is one of them.

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