Westie Evolution

Oscar: Where do Westies come from MacIntosh?

MacIntosh: Scotland – bred from the Cairn Terriers

Oscar: Where did theys come from?

MacIntosh: Wolves.

Oscar: Really? Wees wolves?

MacIntosh: Yep.

Oscar: Where did wolves comes from?

MacIntosh: Way back?

Oscar: Yeah.

MacIntosh: From a species called Miacidae.

Oscar: Mama Mia?

MacIntosh: Yep.

Oscar: Where did Mama Mia come from?

MacIntosh: I don’t know Oscar. If you go back far enough we probably started with some very simple creature.

Oscar: Where did that simple creature comes from?

MacIntosh: Chemicals and minerals caused by a huge explosion that started the universe.

Oscar: Where did the big bang come from?

MacIntosh: Don’t know. Some people think the explosion must have come from a guy in the sky they call God.

Oscar: Why’s do they thinks that?

MacIntosh: They think it could not have happened by accident….something had to start it. They argue that things don’t appear out of nowhere.

Oscar: And they call that somethin’ God?

MacIntosh: Yep.

Oscar: Where did God come from?

MacIntosh: They think he appeared out of nowhere.


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