Twinkle Twinkle Little Dancing Star

Oscar:  Ol’ Uncle Steve is still mopin’ around.

MacIntosh:  What wrong with him?

Oscar:  He says he is heart broken cuz Bristol Palin didn’t win on Dancin’ With The Stars.

MacIntosh:  Was he working with those teabaggers to stuff the ballot box?

Oscar:  Theys was stuffing boxes?

MacIntosh:  Oh yeah…some of them had hundreds of e-mail addresses so they could vote early and often.

Oscar:  Maybes that why Uncle Steve was wonderin’ what to do with 857 gmail addresses.

MacIntosh:  That would be the reason.

Oscar:  Hows come they stuffed them boxes?

MacIntosh:  They duplicated what they did with her mother Sarah Palin.

Oscar:  Was she on Dancin’ too?

MacIntosh:  They wanted Bristol to win but they knew she couldn’t win based on her talent.

Oscar:  Then whys did they want her to win?

MacIntosh:   All in the same tribe…working together to create reality the way you like it.

Oscar:  Huh?

MacIntosh:  OK.  They like Sarah Palin but people start pointing out she is completely unqualified to be VP or President.  So they decide that she is qualified.

Oscar:  Did they discover some more qualifications?

MacIntosh:  Nope. They reduced the qualifications for the job.

Oscar:  What were the new qualifications?

MacIntosh:  Mayor of any town larger than 200 people or dogcatcher in a town of over 1000.

Oscar:  Check.

MacIntosh:  Never quit your job as Governor before you have served at least one third of the term.

Oscar:  Check.

MacIntosh:  Read at least one newspaper even if it’s the Enquirer.

Oscar:  Check.

MacIntosh:  Look exactly like Tina Fey.

Oscar:  Check and match.  Sarah’s qualified.  Sos they did the same for Bristol?

MacIntosh:  Yep.

Oscar:  Whats were the new qualifications?

MacIntosh:   You must have two feet, less than two bastards and two middle fingers for anyone that actually cares about dancing.

Oscar:  So she squeaked in.

MacIntosh:  For now…we’ll have to wait and see how she’s does with her Abstinence Campaign

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One Response to Twinkle Twinkle Little Dancing Star

  1. Uncle Stever says:

    I like Grey, she’s a hottie…

    Palin, a young women and mother, exploited by her Mom and Ex.
    Give the kid a break.

    Perhaps one should take note from Grey in a recent interview when she said of Palin.

    “Bristol Lain is a lovely girl who has come along way”

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