The Two Faces of Meg Whitman

Oscar: Is Meg Whitman a real person MacIntosh?

MacIntosh: Yeah…founder of E-Bay….running for governor in California. Why do you ask?

Oscar: She don’t look real.

MacIntosh: You don’t think so?

Oscar: Nope, she looks like a paint-by-numbers picture of the little Dutch girl except someone scrambled the numbers.

MacIntosh: Yikes…you’re right.

Oscar: Maybe her other face looks better.

MacIntosh: What other face?

Oscar: I don’t know but dad says she has two faces.

MacIntosh: Really?

Oscar: says if they put her on Mount Rushmore there would be six faces up there.

MacIntosh: Wow.

Oscar: MacIntosh…if she has two faces she would have four eyes wouldn’t she?

MacIntosh: Guess so.

Oscar: But…if she has four eyes wouldn’t one of them notice her Nanny was a Mexican?

MacIntosh: You’d think so.

Oscar: But she says her Nanny worked for her for nine years and she didn’t even notice she was a Mexican illegal.

MacIntosh: Maybe it was her own version of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

Oscar: Yeah…maybe Meg Whitman thought her Nanny just likes being abused, overworked and underpaid. Meg was just tryin’ to help her out.

MacIntosh: Yeah…her Nanny is a little brown masochist.

Oscar: Yep…what’s a masochist?

MacIntosh: Someone that likes to be abused, overworked and underpaid.

Oscar: So ifs you a masochist you should work for Meg Whitman?

MacIntosh: There’s a lot of masochists but she only has one Nanny.

Oscar: What should all the other masochists do?

MacIntosh: Vote for her.



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