The Problem With Teleprompters

Oscar: The Republican peoples on TV were makin’ fun of Obama for using a teleprompter.

MacIntosh: That’s cuz most Republicans can’t use a teleprompter.

Oscar: Whys not?

MacIntosh: Cuz when they start foaming at the mouth it shorts the circuits.

Oscar: That’s yucky MacIntosh.

MacIntosh: And their tin foil hats mess up the signal.

Oscar: What happens then?

MacIntosh: They start sending out mixed signals.

Oscar: Thats not a good thing, huh MacIntopsh?

MacIntosh: Nope…plus most Republicans can’t read fast enough to keep up.

Oscar: Can’t they slow it down to theirs level?

MacIntosh: Yeah…but you don’t need electronics for that.

Oscar: What do you need?

MacIntosh: Usually just some colored paper and crayons.

Oscar: Does Meg Whitman use a teleprompter?

MacIntosh: Yep…she uses two of ’em.

Oscar: Whys does she need two.

MacIntosh: So she can talk out of both sides of her mouth.

Oscar: But a Democrat was makin’ fun of teleprompters too

MacIntosh: Who’s that?

Oscar: A real old guy named Walter Mondale.

MacIntosh: They didn’t have ’em in his day.

Oscar: What did they use?

MacIntosh: Parchment and pens made out of feathers.

Oscar: You’re just makin’ fun huh MacIntosh?

MacIntosh: Just a little.

Oscar: Thats not very nice.

MacIntosh: Yeah… sorry.

Oscar: You was exageratin’ huh MacIntosh?

MacIntosh: Yeah…a little.

Oscar: Which part?

MacIntosh: Mondale isn’t that old.



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