The News From Down The Hall And To The Right

Oscar: Michelle Bachmann says Obama is spendin’ a gazillion dollars to go to India.

MacIntosh: Which is your best indicator it isn’t true.

Oscar: But she said she read it someplace and somebody real reliable said it so it must be true.

MacIntosh: Yeah…Rush said it and had lots of details about the number of ships and people going and where everybody is staying.

Oscar: Was he tripping?

MacIntosh: And Hannity said it and he had the same details Rush had.

Oscar: Its lookin’ like it must be true.

MacIntosh: Yep and Beck said it and he had all the same details.

Oscar: Its unanimous.

MacIntosh: And then Fox News said it citing sources close to Fox News.

Oscar: Close like down the hallway and to the right.

MacIntosh: Exactly. Except none of it is true. It’s a circle jerk.

Oscar: Whats that?

MacIntosh: Something you can do amongst friends that is fun but doesn’t produce anything real.

Oscar: That sounds like fun. Can we do it too?

MacIntosh: Why not? Why don’t you go first.

Oscar: Okays. Hmmmm…Michelle Bachmann is not a US citizen.

MacIntosh: Yep. She was brought here by a fleet of 35 Zonkian war ships.

Oscar: And she brought 5000 peoples with her.

MacIntosh: And they are staying at a 5-star hotel.

Oscar: And they is gonna stay until we agree that Michelle Bachmann can be a leader in the House.

MacIntosh: And we agree she doesn’t need a birth certificate.

Oscar: Its true because we said it.

MacIntosh: And we are on the internet.

Oscar: And we is a trusted and reliable source.

MacIntosh: You betcha

Oscar: Cuz we is Westies.

MacIntosh: And Westies always tell the truth.

Oscar: That was fun MacIntosh.

MacIntosh: But I don’t think Fox News is going to report it.

Oscar: Because we are down the hall and to the left.




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