Teabaggers Packin’ Protection

Oscar: One of them old teabaggers was on the TV and he said he was packin’ protection.

MacIntosh: You don’t need to worry about that.

Oscar: Why not…he sounded serious.

MacIntosh: It just means he brought an extra box of Depends with him.

Oscar: For just-in-case?

MacIntosh: Yep.

Oscar: That’s a relief.

MacIntosh: And for after relief.

Oscar: I thought he had a gun and was gonna seek some 2nd amendment remedies.

MacIntosh: It wouldn’t be a pocket gun.

Oscar: Why not.

MacIntosh: Diapers don’t have pockets.

Oscar: Howse come them teabaggers like guns so much?

MacIntosh: It makes them feel powerful.

Oscar: Whats do they need them for?

MacIntosh: They like to hunt and kill animals.

Oscar: Would they hunt Westies?

MacIntosh: Just the two of us.

Oscar: Sos they just need huntin’ rifles?

MacIntosh: Nope…they need hand guns too.

Oscar: Whys they need them?

MacIntosh: So they can shoot people that come into their house in the middle of the night.

Oscar: What ifs they shoot somebodies they know?

MacIntosh: Collateral damage.

Oscar: Sos they just need hand guns and huntin’ rifles?

MacIntosh: Nope. They need M16s and Uzis too.

Oscar: Whys they need them things?

MacIntosh: To protect themselves from the government.

Oscar: Would it help?

MacIntosh: They will have to discuss that with the guys outside in the M1 Abrams Battle Tanks.

Oscar: Nows I know why the old teabagger was packin’ protection.

MacIntosh: Why is that?

Oscar: He was scared shitless.



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