Oscar: What’s a tarp MacIntosh?

MacIntosh: It’s kind of like a tent.

Oscar: Wow.

MacIntosh: Wow, what?

Oscar: Dad says tarp costs a gazillion dollars. That must be a very nice tent.

MacIntosh: You mean TARP, the bank bailout.

Oscar: Banks need to be bailed out?

MacIntosh: Only when they don’t float anymore.

Oscar: Howse come they don’t float anymore?

MacIntosh: Cuz the people that steer the boats ran them ashore.

Oscar: Howse come they did that?

MacIntosh: Because the government let them.

Oscar: Howse come the government let them?

MacIntosh: Cuz people said the government shouldn’t tell the banks what to do.

Oscar: Well…who bought the big tent?

MacIntosh: The government.

Oscar: Wow.

MacIntosh: Yeah, wow.

Oscar: You know what MacIntosh…the next time dad tells me what to do I’m not gonna do it.

MacIntosh: Why is that?

Oscar: So I can get a big tent.

MacIntosh: Whatever floats your boat buddy.



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