Sweet Christine


Oscar: That Christine O’Donnell must be the funniest comedian there is in the whole world.

MacIntosh: Why do you say that?

Oscar: Cuz dad was tellin’ mom about stuff she says and boy were they laughin’.

MacIntosh: Like what?

Oscar: Like she says that they have crossed mouses with men. So they made these mouses with human brains. Dad was laughin’ so hard I thought he was gonna die or somethin’.

MacIntosh: What else?

Oscar: Like she says people shouldn’t masturbate.

MacIntosh: Really?

Oscar: What’s masturbates MacIntosh?

MacIntosh: Something Christine O’Donnell doesn’t do.

Oscar: But what’s it mean?

MacIntosh: It’s when you play with yourself.

Oscar: If she played with herself she would have lots of fun cuz dad says she is hilarious.

MacIntosh: Yep.

Oscar: And dad says she’s like Sarah Palin on steroids.

MacIntosh: Wow.

Oscar: And dad says she is like playing poker with Alvin Green.

MacIntosh: The guy running for congress from South Carolina?

Oscar: Yep…dad says he will see your Alvin Green and raise you a Christine O’Donnell.

MacIntosh: Sweet.


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