Sharia Sharron


Oscar: That Sharron Angle Teabagger Lady says she is afraid we might get Sharia law.

MacIntosh: She spends too much time downwind from Burning Man.

Oscar: What would happen if we gets Sharia?

MacIntosh: The religious leaders would control the government.

Oscar: What would happen then?

MacIntosh: They would demand we have prayer in schools.

Oscar: Theys would make everybody pray out loud?

MacIntosh: Yep. They would teach Genesis in the science classes.

Oscar: And kids would needs to believe instead of think?

MacIntosh: Yep. They would make abortion illegal.

Oscar: Sos they wouldn’t let womens control their owns bodies?

MacIntosh: Yep.

Oscar: They would kill the homosexuals.

MacIntosh: For havin’ too much fun?

Oscar: Yep. There would be no nudity or profanity on TV or movies.

MacIntosh: Sos Brittany would needs to wear panties?

Oscar: Yep.

MacIntosh: Criminal justice would be quick and certain.

Oscar: One strike and you’re out?

MacIntosh: Yep. No gun control…you could own your own suicide vest.

Oscar: And the peoples that control the NRA could make money selling them vests.

MacIntosh: Yep. Lots of women would get stoned.

Oscar: But…but…lots of woman get stoned already.

MacIntosh: Yep….but this kind is almost always fatal.

Oscar: But MacIntosh all those things are what teabaggers want to haves happen.

MacIntosh: Yep.

Oscar: So whys Sharron Angle afraid of Sharia?

MacIntosh: Its an existential threat.

Oscar: Whats that mean?

MacIntosh: If we have Sharia there will be no need for teabaggers.



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