Oscar: One of our readers asked me to ask you about Rush Limbaugh.

MacIntosh: Ask what?

Oscar: Do we know who he is and what do we think about him?

MacIntosh: We know who he is. I can’t say what I think of him.

Oscar: Why not?

MacIntosh: Cuz I would have to use some of Mom’s bad words and he’s not worth the quarters I would have to put in the jar.

Oscar: Why do they calls him Rush.

MacIntosh: That refers to his sexual abilities and what he feels after taking oxycotin.

Oscar: What’s oxycotin?

MacIntosh: It’s a pill…if you take enough of them you turn into an asshole.

Oscar: Pay a quarter MacIntosh.

MacIntosh: Yeah, yeah.

Oscar: Is he famous?

MacIntosh: Yep…he’s the leader of the Republican party.

Oscar: So he represents their values?

MacIntosh: Perfectly…been married four times.

Oscar: Wow.

MacIntosh: Drug user.

Oscar: Wow.

MacIntosh: Wants America to fail.

Oscar: Wow.

MacIntosh: Racist.

Oscar: Wow.

MacIntosh: Bigot.

Oscar: Does he have a formal education.

MacIntosh: He doesn’t have an informal education.

Oscar: So he’s perfect then.

MacIntosh: Yep, Reagan sent him a letter that said “for all you’re doing to promote Republican and conservative principles … [and] you have become the Number One voice for conservatism in our Country.”

Oscar: Did Reagan remember sending that letter?

MacIntosh: Probably not.



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