Prop (19) Till You Drop

Oscar: Is Schwarzenegger the same peoples that’s got nude photos on the internet?

MacIntosh: One and the same. Why do you ask?

Oscar: He says Prop 19 has big flaws.

MacIntosh: It does.

Oscar: Likes what?

MacIntosh: It will give people the right to possess up to 1 oz. of marijuana legally.

Oscar: What’s wrong with that?

MacIntosh: It also gives people the right to grow marijuana in a space up to 25 sq. feet.

Oscar: So?

MacIntosh: So if you can only get 1 oz. out of 25 sq. feet you truly suck as a farmer.

Oscar: I don’t think Schwarzenegger should say Prop 19 has big flaws.

MacIntosh: Why not?

Oscar: I looked at his nude pictures and he’s got plenty of flaws of his own to worry about.

MacIntosh: But not big flaws.

Oscar: That’s true. So what happens if Prop 19 passes.

MacIntosh: People will come from all over the world to smoke pot there.

Oscar: Really.

MacIntosh: Yep. There will be caravans of cars and trucks crossing America to the Prop 19 Party.

Oscar: Wow.

MacIntosh: They’ll be comin’ in by plane, in ships, hot-air balloons, bicycles, gliders, pogo sticks and skateboards.

Oscar: Yippee!

MacIntosh: They’ll be walkin’ in, running in, crawling in and pushin’ their walkers in.

Oscar: Theys is gonna parrr-teee!

MacIntosh: Yep.

Oscar: What happens then?

MacIntosh: Nothin’.

Oscar: Nothin?

MacIntosh: Yep. The police can skip 80,000 arrests so they’ll have nuthin’ to do.

Oscar: Or they could just arrests bad peoples.

MacIntosh: The public defenders, trial lawyers, prosecutors and judges will have nothin’ to do.

Oscar: So maybe they could prosecute peoples that hire illegal workers.

MacIntosh: Yep. The jailers and people that build prisons will have nothin’ to do.

Oscar: So they can let the good peoples free and keep the bad peoples un-free.

MacIntosh: Yep.

Oscar: I’m glad there will be nothin’.

MacIntosh: Whys that?

Oscar: Cuz after a big pot party all you want to do is nothin’.



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